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Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and settle in for some good conversation.

As many of you know yesterday was February 29th, Leap Day, which only comes every 4 years. There were many Leap Day Geocaching Events around the world and I was able to attend one of them, which was 2012 Leap Day Evnt NEPAG Style.

This event was really great. There were many Geocachers from around the local area. To the best of my ability I believe there were around 80 in attendance. Travelnbhappy21 were our hosts for this event. They did an outstanding job lining everything up and getting lots of prizes for the raffle.

              Our hosts Travelnbhappy21

The evening started off with everyone getting together at the Perkins in Pittston, PA. The Big Al family arrived a little late due to my having to boil down some maple syrup that I had made too thick on Tuesday evening. I was donating one pint of my maple syrup for the raffle. When we got there we noticed that the room was packed. There were lots of people talking and eating and just having fun.

We signed in on the official log and then stood around talking to folks. Travelnbhappy21, our hosts, had already started selling the raffle tickets so we bought 10 of them. There were lots of prizes that were donated by a number of cachers. Hound was there from GXProxy and he had brought along some very nice items from the store.

There were cache containers, cool LED lights that were really bright, Geocoins, Trackables, Pathtags, hats, maple syrup, Cache kits, chocolates, a really cool sword cache container, and even a pie donated by Perkins. I never did get a count of how many items were raffled off, but there were a lot.

Here are some pictures of one of the cool cache containers that nishollow made. It is called the Sword in the Stone. It is a type of puzzle cache I guess because you have to figure out how to get it out of its container, which is embedded in the stone. This was won by one of the lucky raffle winners, and boy was it heavy.

CacheKing1998 trying his hand at getting the sword out of the stone.

                 Craftimom trying the sword

Hound trying the Sword

CacheKing1998 with a little help from the creator nishollow.

Mission complete. Notice the bison at the end of the sword?

Once everyone was done eating, and before the raffles started, we had to sing Happy Birthday to a sweet little young lady named Halley. Her birthday really is February 29th. She is 3 today (12 in our life time.)

Then it was raffle time. The first item given away was a FTF envelope, which gave the winner the chance to find the cache hidden at the event first. From then on out the tickets were called out and the winners had their choice of choosing whatever item they wanted. These items went really fast and I was not able to get pictures of most of them. I just know that everyone had fun.

Once all of the raffle items were handed out we all gathered around for the official picture for

                 2012 Leap Day Event NEPAG Style

After the pictures were taken we were all treated to some pie provided by our hosts Travelnbhappy21. Thanks to them for this special treat.

             Yummy Peanut Butter Pie

Before everyone left for the evening our hosts handed out the cords for the cache that had been hidden specifically for this event. We waited until a lot of folks had left before we went out to find it. We did find it and signed the log. Our first Leap Day cache find.

I want to say thanks to Travelnbhappy21 and Hound for all of their efforts in putting this together. I know there were more people too who helped so thank you to them too. It was also nice to meet some of the folks whose names I have read, but never met until tonight.

Bigdog1970 who hit 200 finds tonight. 22Cat and friends and she hit 660. Nishollow and family, Geocaster, and many more. Great to see all of you and look forward to meeting you on the trails in the future.



Big_Dog1970 said...

I had a blast Al. It was really cool meeting you and everyone else today.

D.B. Echo said...

Very cool! This was the first article I've read fully here - I've skimmed a couple before, trying to make sure you were actually based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I wanted to let you know that you've been linked by our site, NEPA Blogs, whose goal is to link to every blog here in NEPA!

(Is it ironic that I found your blog not by a brute-force search, but by first ascertaining your location, then zooming in on it, then verifying that I was actually in the right place? It's all explained in the post...)

Here's a welcome post! It's easier to send people we've just linked to here than to try to find an email address for every new blog we add:

It also sounds like there's a good chance you might have had a few other local bloggers at your gathering! If you know of anyone else who blogs, could you let them know about us, and vice versa? We'd love to add them!

- Harold Jenkins, NEPA Blogs


BigAl, I wasn't able to attend but you sure did represent well! I know some of those folks in the pictures! I'll bet you had your CacheCrazy.Com AUTHOR hat on, didn't you? Great story of great folks getting together and having some fun!

I love the Sword in the Stone! Just like my Double Dog Dare You and his big brother I Triple DD, those kind of puzzles are awesome! I'm going to have to get the plans for that baby and build one! Why to go Nishollow!

Great job and a good time had by all!
Thanks for sharing.....

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Looks like it was a fun party! We didn't get a chance to go to a Leap Year Party, but we did make sure we ran out to grab a cache.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

It would have been a long journey from here in UK to make, so couldn't come, but like Kim@Snug Harbor I did get out and find 3 Leap Year caches.

Ann said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Gosh the birthday girl could be the twin of our oldest little granddaughter! We managed 3 for Leap Year Day. :-)

BigAl said...

I forgot to mention that the BigAl crew did go out and find 3 caches too. 3 seems to be the number to find. Glad everyone had a great time. Looking forward to another event where we get to meet more caching friends. See you soon.

kyle powell said...

this is the first time me see this blog,yeah that was a fun night and watching cachers try out the sword. i look forward to meeting all you guys again coming up.

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