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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY - Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I was fortunate enough to fully enjoy this show not once, but twice, in the past two weekends! The finale was outstanding and I was moved as the crowd rose to their feet to salute these fine young performers who have worked months on the show. I for one can tell you first hand, this was by far the best theatrical performance that I have seen since my few trips to NYC and Broadway Theaters many years ago. To see this production within a short drive from my home was awesome and for sure I will return to KISS Theater.

Kids Innovating Stage and Sound Theatre Company (KISS) is a live performance children's theater company. It is a non-profit performing arts corporation with a mission dedicated to children. KISS is committed to providing children with education, entertainment and personal enrichment through the arts of theatre, dance, and song. 

The theater was full to capacity as the fog rolled in and some of London's most undesirables came crawling out to public view. The music was excellent and preformed "live" with a pianist, accompanying keyboard/special effects and a clarinet. It amazed me how "big" the sound seemed. As if an entire orchestral was present. The awesome lyrics preformed by the cast complimented the music and their stage presence made you feel just a little eerie. Todd himself was played perfectly and Mrs. Lovett brought the house down with wit, talent and charm. The story grew more interesting with each performer playing their part flawlessly.   

One actor, a young man, who played the part of Beadle was particularly excellent. His solo was perfect, his accompaniment without fail and his role so believable, you just couldn't help but dislike him. In one show, when he was killed by Sweeney (in the chair) the crowd cheered as he slid to the lower level of Mrs. Lovett's pie shop!   

Yes, the people came to their feet to salute the outstanding performance of everyone involved in the production and I joined them. We clapped until our hands became sore and the cast was overwhelmed with joy. They took turns with a creative "bow" and when Beadle lifted his head and his eyes met mine, I winked and thought to myself, "Nice job Michael, well done son".

That's my boy.......


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