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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY - Geocacher Of The Month Nominee - Bloodhounded

Well, if you haven't heard by now, or haven't seen the badge on the sidebar of our blog, let me be the first to tell you. I have been nominated and selected as one of the final three candidates for Geocacher of the Month at Latitude 47 the blog of Our very own BigAl437 sent in the nomination and for that I am very grateful and, well, they must have been real light on nominees for January because I was selected in the top three!

Light on nominees??? What do you mean by that???

Let me tell you what I mean. I love geocaching! Let's make that clear and simple right now. I also have a huge amount of respect for for taking the game to new heights and actually making it possible for us to play. So, by them selecting me as a final nomination really hit a reality check for me! You see, I look at myself as a non-conventional geocacher. I am much more of a geocache hider than a seeker. I only have 200 caches found and only 27 hidden, I have zero challenges completed and only took part in moving 3 travel bugs and none of my own. Pretty much in the eyes of the geocaching community, I am a beginner (even though I have been caching since 2009), a rookie or a novice at best! Does this sound like the profile of a Geocacher of the Month to you?

For to go out on a limb and say, "Hey, look at this guy! He has only 200 finds, a couple hides and that's about it! He's not even a paying member! Oh sure, he does some work with the community and runs a caching blog, big whoop! Let's put him in with these others guys who have tons of finds, successful event organizing skills, years of experience and people who follow them all over the place!" He's a geocacher so he qualifies in our eyes. That followed by a lot of laughing and stuff! But, I'm still grateful.

I will not win. I know that and have always known that. And, I'm perfectly ok with that too. Just being spontaneously nominated and seeing the support from all the folks that matter to me most is enlightening enough. My "stats" could never reflect the commitment I put towards the sport of geocaching nor am I looking for a reward. I play the game differently and I have fun with it in many mediums including elaborate cache pages, detailed hides and yes, even this blog itself. To me, it's another part of my lifestyle, not just a game. You people are my friends and motivation to do all the crazy stuff we do. It's something I love, love to do and love to watch others enjoy and share their experiences. It's fun, well, you already know that or you wouldn't be here.

So, this is not a campaign, I'm not going to ask you to vote and I'm sure one of those other folks will represent the "face value" of Geocacher of the Month very well. I have also decided to pick up my premium membership with again. I figure anyone who could stand by me and my measly accomplishments in the game deserves a small yearly fee to support it's efforts. They showed me that guys like me are just as important as guys like them and to me, that means something! Are you with me?

Rare Bloodhounded Geocaching Vlog
The making of The Salty Dog 8/2011

In my mind, I am the winner! Even though another will be selected, I am honored to be a part of it. Many thanks to everyone who voted with such great comments and enthusiasm! And, thanks to BigAl437 who nominated me even though HE is the perfect example of Geocacher of the Month! I am humbled.

Thank you.....


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You're still a winner in my book!

Ron / Kathie Groll said...

Well said! Keep up the good work!

ebjazzz said...

You get that there's more to caching than lifting a lampskirt - and that's what sets you apart. Quality caches that show they took time (and maybe even a bit of love) and are always entertaining. Keep NEPA exciting! (And those of you reading this that haven't already done so - go capture the salty dog!)

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

We have only known each other for a short time but looking at the work you are putting in for just CacheCrazy you are a star person for me all ready.

BigAl said...

BH, you're right about many things here in your article. You may only have 200 finds, but remember; it's not about the numbers. You make this sport and blog fun for everyone. You have brought laughter into the hearts of many people and you have given them something to look forward to; our blog. Yes, I said OUR blog. This blog is for everyone who enjoys the Outdoors. It doesn't matter whether you Geocache or just like to hike; there's something here for everyone. You are already a winner in all of our eyes so keep up the EXCELLENT work in all you do.


ALRIGHT ALRIGHT Big Al, you have me sold, I'm going to go vote for myself!LMAO!

Seriously guys, thanks:) we really are having a blast with OUR blog aren't we? And to think, we are about to celebrate only our one year anniversary! It's Crazy! Thanks

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