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Monday, February 6, 2012

"Rebel Cacher" Converts, the tell all story!

Well, I did it!

After a full year of being a “Rebel Cacher”, I just had to break down, suck it up and get a premium membership at Yes, I’ve been freeloading on the paying public that keep alive and well and, I haven’t given back a single thing. I should be ashamed of myself and would like to take this opportunity to officially apologize to every one of you paying premium members. I’ve learned my lesson well, and I converted.

 I also learned that I have been missing out on some incredible features and new implementation that weren’t part of the package the last time I was a member. It appears that is constantly trying to upgrade the features of the premium member. I can’t wait to have some time and really check it out in detail. I love the queries, lists and premium member only geocaches that are right in my area and I didn't even know it! So, for less than 10 cents per day, I reopened the PMO door and I'm never looking back.  
Oh, I know you folks are saying, “Why pay at all? You could list, seek and use the service provided by the Garmin Company here for FREE!” I’ll be honest; I just can’t get in the grove with Everything seems so cumbersome and complicated. I thought at first it was just the newness of it all and worked with it through several different functions but, it still just seemed awkward. I like the whole concept and I do plan to post a few caches there (just as soon as I figure out how to do it) and I like the Garmin Company and good healthy competition is always a good thing BUT, still it’s a bit difficult. I’ll get it; and when I do I will and be the first one in my 30 mile radius to post a cache (last check anyway). If catches on like, it will likely be FREE no longer.

For me, has always been my home. I like it there and feel comfortable with its functions and features. I know my way around, have a few short cuts that I learned and no matter what needs to be done, I can do it. That means something to me. The feeling of “belonging” is back and I like it. Honey, I’m home!

At this stage of my geocaching career, I also find myself looking for a different type of cache. One that offers more challenges, more daring and on the higher end of the difficulty and terrine scales. These caches seem to be PMO caches more times than not in my target area. I found myself “sponging” off of friends asking for links to any new caches (pathetic, I know) or caches that are from this hider or that hider who only lists PMO caches. I was wallowing in the fact that I was “on the free ride” and getting one over on “The Man” but little did I know, that the man was you.

So, now I am a new man, a respectable cacher and a model amongst my peers. A real live member of the paying community and a contributor to the site that makes it all happen for many of us. I feel better about the whole thing and the days of taking a “free ride” are over. I’m still not giving up on either. I know it’s getting a bad rap but there’s a part of me that is attracted to it because they are different, unrestricted and free.

Thanks to all my caching friends for putting up with me while I sobered up.

“Hello, my name is Bloodhounded and I’m a cross addicted cachoholic”, the crowd responds, "Hello Bloodhounded". Bloodhounded steps closer to the mike, "I've gone astray but I have converted and I'm never looking back"


I want to give Smithie23 a shout out!
Dave, congratulations to your favored team the NY Giants on winning the Super Bowl yesterday! It was quite a game but the better team won, yours!


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Welcome Bloodhounded, glad the therapy is working and you are now able to talk openly about your addiction to your friends who have come through the same problems as well, you are on the up and a great post really helps. Advice from me would be to keep taking the caching medication and share your views with other friendly cachoholics.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Can I just add that I too was a secret cachoholic, you know the thing, hiding my GPS from the family and talking only about food. Thanks to Premiership I was able to come out and talked to my family and friends about the habit. I have found my out my Niece is also hiding the secret but has not come to grips with it yet, hiding under the name as a ordinary member. Good news was my family accepted my addiction and even bought me my famous Lady-Magpie hat - good on you Bloodhounded for seeing the light.

Erika Jean said...

Never hurts to support the game you love! I always feel like my member ship is more of a donation than anything else. Sure we get some better features but I don't think they are worth the dues.... but I don't mind because I thing has got it goin' on!

Erika Jean said...

PS, if you go after PM caches, people who AREN'T premium member that go with you can still log the cache. When you go to log the cache yourself, copy he URL of the log page for that particular cache and e-mail/give it to them. That way they can log it too. I believe knows about this loop hole... Its great because who wants to buy a membership for EVERY member of their family?!

smithie23 said...

Welcome to the Dark Side, my friend! I don't know what I'd do without my Premium Membership. There are so many useful perks to the membership, and it's well worth the annual price.

The two halves of the game last night were completely different. I found the first half to be dull and lacking drama. Boy, did the second half make up for it! The Giants made me proud, but much respect goes to the New England Patriots. The didn't get into that game by luck, they're a darned good footaball team!

BigAl said...

Bloodhounded, I am glad to see you admit your addictions and try to get things fixed. The best advice I can give to you is to get out there and hit those caches. I will be renewing my PM here pretty soon, but I won't be getting it for all of my family. I just can't see doing that. Also, I did not know about the loop whole. I usually do not do PM only caches because I thought the other family members could not log the find. I guess I was wrong. Anyway, thanks for admitting that you are a cachoholic.

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