CacheCrazy.Com: One Year Anniversary of CacheCrazy.Com!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Year Anniversary of CacheCrazy.Com!

Today is a big day. I mean big, big, big DAY! Today, February 21, in 2011, we started CacheCrazy.Com in its current format, “the blog”. Yes, one year ago today we posted our first post as CacheCrazy.Com the geocaching and outdoor enthusiast blog. But, do you know the full history of CacheCrazy.Com? Let me tell you, it’s quite a story and I’m sorry but it’s a bit long.

Ever since my Commodore Amegia 1000 in 1985, I have loved PC’s. I probably should have pursued it as a career because I enjoyed programming and building games and I was pretty good at it. This eventually carried over to the Dot Com era (when I made my fortune, lol) and I, like many others, were exploring the new Internet and building websites. It was fun and I did some pretty cool stuff. So, when I started geocaching in February of 2009, I also built a website, was the URL. It contained some geocache ideas, stats and articles that had to do with the game. I had to email all my friends the link because otherwise no one knew where it was or that it even existed and many weren’t impressed.

I realized I was REALLY into Geocaching and I wrote in an email to someone that I felt like I was “cache crazy”. One day I searched cachecrazy and nothing really came up. Then I checked on the URL and it was available. I bought the URL in the early spring of 2009 for $12.95US. I started a website on WIX that was somewhat interactive. It had a lot of pictures and some pretty cool posts. I’m sure Erika Jean remembers when I asked to post her “Back Yard Cache” on my site. She and I emailed back and forth a few times and I started to read at her blog It wasn’t long before I was inspired by her excellent work and started a blog of my own. I would start CacheCrazy.Com in May of 2009. Four months later, I had a whopping 320 page views and I was on cloud nine. People where actually reading my work and it seems like many of them liked it!

I wrote like crazy! I posted like a mad man, I was cachecrazy and within four weeks although I was up over 500 page views for the month, I was burnt out! It was tough keeping up with the blog. I noticed right away that when I stopped posting regularly, I was losing my audience. By December of 2010 I had 58 page views for the month. A few diehards hung in there but basically, I could not keep up the intensity that was needed to be a really successful blog and me being an over achiever, I wanted nothing less. In January of the New Year 2011, I knew what I had to do. It was going to take more than just me. It was going to take an alliance of authors who where dedicated to posting. In my mind it was going to take an army of authors!

I reached out to a handful of geocachers who I knew where great people with multiple interests and great writing skills.  My initial thought was to ask three people to post one day per week, the same day every week and for a three month term. I wanted it to remain fun and manageable. We would post something different every day of the week except Sunday. I guess I should have gotten into sales because the first three people I asked said, YES! Dan (Dodger) would post on Tuesday’s, Wednesday we would post a picture or video from the Internet, Thursday’s would be Rob (BigAl437), Friday would be Justin (DctrSpott) and on the weekends,  I prayed we would eventually have some guest posts. Oh yes, and my day was Monday.

With nothing more than a bunch of guys just having fun, we wrote and posted about ourselves in the days leading up to the Big Day. February 21, 2011 we would kick it off. To the liking of 750 page views we found a reward we weren’t expecting, we found that people actually loved CacheCrazy.Com and wanted to be a part of it. Emails came pouring in from friends, comments from folks we didn’t even know, new relationships were made and the blog was rocketing to over 2,000 page views in the month of March 2011! I remember thinking, 2,000 page views was just blowing my mind. I never expected that!

Through the summer of 2011 we enjoyed sharing with the world our geocaching excursions, fishing, camping, hunting, family fun and you name it. The blog was taking on a life of its own. It was more than just a “blog” to us, it was our world exposed to the whole world and people relating to it in a way that fueled our desire to continue to write and keep it going. I asked many to guest blog and many asked me. The core authors set the tone and the guest bloggers chimed in to create music to all our ears. Now mind you, we do no advertising, sell nothing and do not have any ecommerce or sponsors so, blogs like that usually hit a certain level of an audience and just kind of stay there. Not CacheCrazy.Com, by November of 2011 we hit our all time high page views of over 10,000! Double Digits! Can you believe that?

Soon the Honorary Author program rolled out along with the CacheCrazy.Com Facebook page, Google+ page and our icon was developed with our RSS feed. We are all friends an I started joking about our World Corporate Headquarters where you can find, "The Authors Lounge", "The Library" and of course a few recipes were prepared in our "Test Kitchen".  I related to all of the authors as if we were having a business meeting at times, with quarterly information, idea sharing, e-meetings and an exchange of friendship that grew stronger and stronger. Many of our Honorary Authors have their own blogs but somehow felt that they wanted to also be a part of the CacheCrazy TEAM. It’s “our blog”, I never refer to it as mine.

Last month my friends, we had nearly 12,000 page views in 30 days and we are on pace to break that yet again! But, the blog to us is measured in much more than page views. It’s measured in enjoyment and satisfaction of knowing that we are international contributors to the game of geocaching and all things outdoors. It’s knowing that thousands of people start their day by reading our writings and relating to us in a way that you can only understand if you are a part of it and many people from all over the world are. They read CacheCrazy.Com every day because every day there is something amazing to see and read. Wonderful stories of days afield with family and friends enjoying the ultimate treasure and pursuit of happiness, fitness and a sense of wellness. Even if you can’t get outside today, you can still take part in an adventure at CacheCrazy.Com. We have continued our commitment to post every day thanks to many who work hard to keep you, our cherished readers, engaged and coming back for more.

Today I would like to thank them in this post so it becomes part of the history of this blog years from now and still growing strong.

·         Erika Jean at – for the inspiration and continued friendship and support. If I hadn’t met you, CacheCrazy.Com would not be what it became today. Your contributions to our blog have made it special to me, like going full circle. Thank you!
·         Dan aka Dodger – Our CEO, Admin Author and very good friend and neighbor. You’re the man! That’s all I can say!
·         Rob aka BigAl437 – Our COO, Admin Author and close friend. No one starts my day off like you do. I love your work.
·         Justin aka DctrSpott – Our CFO, Admin Author and close friend. You have always been the prodigal child of CacheCrazy.Com and you will always be (that’s a complement)
·         Dave aka smithie23 – Our CFO in training, newest Admin Author and close friend. I always look forward to Fridays for a different reason these days. You’re awesome.
·         Kim aka bugleann's - Honorary Author and close friend. You are an inspiration and a source of positive energy for me, thanks so much.
·         Beth aka TheDunsilFamily - Honorary Author and close friend. Right from the beginning you believed, thanks! 
·         Dave aka debaere - Honorary Author and close friend. When I die, I want to come back as you, you're awesome!
·         Heather aka Lady_Magpie - Honorary Author and new friend. Your light hearted humor is such a welcome addition and I just love your work! Thank you!
·         Dan aka Geo_Trucker - Contributor and good friend. You are the inspiration of change, if you don't like the way it is, just change it! It's never too late......
·         All of our Guest Bloggers - All of the excellent work that you have brought to CacheCrazy.Com is appreciated and enjoyed by thousands! You are the glue that holds us together. Thank you all for your contributions and the part you play in the blog.
·         And All of our readers all over the world, wherever you are, thank you so much for spending your valuable time in life with us. You are CacheCrazy.Com!


Erika Jean said...

You guys have done a phenomenal job with the blog. It really has come a long way. So glad I could get you rolling with the video, but really, you and your team of authors have done awesome with building and keeping up with the blog and making it what it is today! I remember when if was more of a site and less of a blog, it really has grown!! Look forward to what you guys come up with every day!

Keep up the great work and happy blogoversary!

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Oh wow!! I'm embarrassed over your kind words towards me. It's a pleasure to be able to put my thoughts on geocaching into words and I enjoy all the authors diverse work. Congratulations on your anniversary, lets see it get even bigger over the next year.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Every army needs a good leader and Kevin is ours! I'm having a lot of fun posting here and it's been such a positive experience. I can't wait to see where we are a year from now!!

Debbie DeBaeremaeker said...

congratulations on your blogaversary!

BigAl said...

After reading this post I realized I must have gotten some dust in my eyes. Okay, I teared up a little bit. Man Kevin what a post. Thanks for leading us where we are right now. Like Kim stated above I just can't wait to see where we go from here. We have an excellent team of folks who not only love Geocaching, but they love life and they love sharing about it. I love the diversity of posts each week. You literally can learn just about anything here at Just wait until Thursday and you'll see what I mean. Happy Blogaversary (love that word) to all of us. All hands together; ONE, TWO, THREE, GO TEAM GO!!!!!!!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Drinks in the lounge to celebrate!

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