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Friday, February 17, 2012

Have A Heart: The Story of Why I Cache (Part I)

I never considered myself a great athlete.  I’ve tried my hand at many sports over the years, both as a child and as an adult, but never quite excelled at any of them.  I never had the hand-eye coordination to be good at basketball or baseball.  I wasn’t aggressive enough for football or wrestling, or fast enough for track.  I didn’t drink enough to be a good bowler.  Early on in life I realized if I was going to get anywhere in life, it was going to be with my brains, because the brawn sure as heck wasn’t there.

While as a youth I did play baseball and basketball, I found most of my exercise came from walking.  Seeing as my needing to go places far exceeded my father’s willingness to drive me places, I found myself hoofing it to almost everywhere I wanted to go.  I grew up on the West Side of Scranton, and regularly walked down to Main Street, where I’d spend my paper route money on baseball cards and old coins.  As I got a little older I would make my way downtown on the weekends by foot.  I remember how much of a hike it was walking back, uphill the whole way!

As a teen, the extent of my “oneness with nature” was attending Boy Scout camp, and participating in various hikes.  Some hikes were more difficult than others, and I often found myself as one of the few who were not ready to keel over and die at the end of the hike.  Even as a young adult I had the stamina to regularly take long walks, and even sneak in the occasional run.

Eat your heart out, Lance Armstrong!

“What’s the point” you may ask?  Well, it’s simple- I always considered myself in good shape, and therefore, good health.  I used my father as a point of reference.  Growing up, I witnessed my father suffer not one, but two heart attacks.  He was always a drinker and a pipe smoker, and ate like a condemned inmate eating his last meal.  “That could never be me” I thought.  I always assumed those issues, coupled with a lack of exercise, led to my father’s health issues.

In part, I was correct.  In part, I was oh so wrong.

What an innocent face!

In the fall of 2003, I was living in West Chester, PA, and working in the construction field, framing ready-made walls for major construction contractors.  Between being on my feet all day, and the repetitive lifting I did, I had no problems with physical exercise.  I wasn’t much for smoking.  I’d have one or two, here and there, if I was out drinking.  Speaking of drinking, I was 26 years old, and drank like a fish.  At this stage of my life, I pretty much didn’t have a care in the world.  I’d work during the week, and come home on the weekends to see my family and party with my friends.

For whatever reason, I stayed home the weekend of Halloween that year.  I spent a quiet Saturday night at my little one bedroom apartment.  I had beer and the Internet.  I was good to go!  I went to bed that night a little buzzed, but otherwise feeling well.  I woke up during the course of the night, however, and how I felt would change me forever…


Daniel Campbell said...

Where's part 2??!


DUDE, Don't leave me hanging like this! Oh man, I can't wait until Friday to find out what happened.
1. You were visited by three ghosts, past, present and future
2. You woke up and saw The Great Pumpkin (it was Halloween weekend)
3. You woke up and realized that drinking beer and writing for a geocaching blog on the internet was your ultimate future
4. wet dream?

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

I'm all in suspense now, is it going to be a fairy story or a horror show. Whatever I'm waiting !!!!

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