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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It’s no secret that I am a Steelers fan.  In fact, I contest that there really are only two types of people in the world – Steelers fans and those that wish they were Steelers fans.  So in my little fantasy land, the NFL playoffs for everybody pretty much came to an end last weekend. 

Of course, this is just one of my delusions, as there are (unbelievably enough) fans of other teams that exist.  In fact, at least two other of our Cache Crazy authors have or had a vested interest in this year’s playoffs.  Our own Kevin Bloodhounded and his family are avid Green Bay Packers fans, and Dave Smithie23 is a big fan of the New York Giants. 

Yes, that’s right, folks.  We’ve had a couple of head-to-head grudge matches the last couple of years.  Let’s start with last year’s Super Bowl.
It's no secret we're Steelers fans.  Actually my wife is an Eagles fan, but I've already indoctrinated the children.

After the 2011 Conference Championship games, it was two weeks of near war here in the neighborhood.  Oh, I don’t think we were going to go to blows over it, but it was at the very least a Cold War of sorts – a bit of an anticipated bragging rights arms buildup if you will.  Now I don’t hide it and in fact I encourage it – in my vision, bold talk and posturing is part of being a fan, and I can take it as much as I dish it out.  So while planning some sort of dastardly prank, Kevin beat me to the punch.

This is what I woke up to while leaving my driveway to go to work one chilly morning preceding the Super Bowl.

Yes, some neighborhood wisenheimer decided to vandalize my property.  Gee, I wonder who it was.  I actually got a big kick out of it, and, in an act of ironic defiance, left it there right up until the Friday before the Super Bowl, for I was sure I’d have the last laugh.  Well that last laugh was not meant to be as we all know how things turned out.  There was both great joy and sadness in the neighborhood, but as Coach Cowher told his daughter after Super Bowl XXX’s heart-wrenching loss to the Cowboys, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.” 

It was then that while my neighbors celebrated, I had to make my way through the five phases of utter disappointment –
1)     Denial.  “No way.  The Steelers did not just lose that game.  There must be a flag  somewhere.”

2)      Anger.  “M@#$%^&f*()+-!!!  They DID just lose the game!”

3)      Fear.  “Oh no!  What if the Steelers never get to the Super Bowl ever again!”

4)      Self-Pity.  “Man, things never go my way.”

5)      Acceptance.  “Oh well.  I still have to go to work tomorrow, and anyway we’re only a few short months away from Pittsburgh Pirates baseball.”  (Which in this case, puts you right back at Stage 4…)
I did take some solace later on in the year when Hines Ward won “Dancing With the Stars”.  I even made up a “Congratulations, Hines – We Love You!” sign to put in front of Kevin’s mailbox.  As I was cracking myself up placing the sign the morning after Hines took home the Mirror Ball Trophy, I turned around to see Kevin’s father-in-law standing there.  He’s looking at me like, “What are you doing to the mailbox at 6:30 in the morning?”  Then he saw the sign and broke out laughing.  Since my joke was completely busted, I threw the sign in the car and drove away.  When I got to work I called Kevin and told him, “Tell your father-in-law he ought to sleep in once in a while.”

On to the other Cache Crazy grudge match – yesterday’s Giants versus the defending Super Bowl Champions and regular season dynamo Green Bay Packers. 
I don’t know what kind of battle Dave and Kevin waged, but in the end, Dave is the last man standing.  It’s his team that’s alive and in position to take home this year’s crown.  For the rest of the year, I, too, will be pulling for the Giants.  The reason is, as a Pittsburgh Steelers fans, one of my two least favorite teams (Ravens and Patriots) is guaranteed a trip to the Super Bowl.  No offense, Ravens and Patriots fans.  Congratulations and all, but that’s just the way it is.  I'd expect you to do the same if it were the other way around.
Isn’t sports and the NFL a funny thing?  The flavor of the week is quite literally the flavor of the week.  We were told that the Packers were going to go undefeated… until they lost.  Then the Saints were the team to beat in the NFC.  Then the Saints lost in the playoffs and it was back to the Packers.  Now it’s the Giants and 49ers who are going to duke it out.  In the AFC we were told that the Steelers defense would gobble up Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  We know how that turned out.  Then we heard all season long how horrible the Patriots defense is, but they ended up being the number one seed and sure look pretty stout once again.  Meanwhile the Ravens have been a quiet but steady number two seed.  So you just never know.

I’ve been wrong most of the playoffs, but that’s not going to stop me.  Here’s the DLC prediction…

Patriots and Giants in the Super Bowl.
It’ll be an excellent re-match from a couple years ago.  The fans and sportswriters will love it.

In the meantime, I wonder, when are the Buccos heading down to Bradenton?

And everybody else on the outside looking in, there’s always next year!


Big_Dog1970 said...

I to am a Steelers fan with a broken heart.

Stephen - Team LPD said...

Big time Steelers fan here too. Very disappointed with the result of this season. They need to change the OT rules. Make it just like college, each side gets a shot not this mess they have now.

I'm a fan of the AFC, but........I detest the Ravens and the Patriots. Don't care for the 49ers or the Giants but I guess I'll be pulling for the Giants since they are an east coast team.


I waited until now to post due to the risk of electrocution from the uncontrolled tears spattering my laptop.
Well, smithie23, all I can say is "Good Luck" brother. I sticking for the Giants now that you guys totally beat the crap out of my Packers. I'm not a sore loser at all.
Oh, did I tell you that there is some kind of problem with your access to CacheCrazy.Com? Wait a minute,,,, that only hurts me more?
Awe, Go Giants!

BigAl said...

Super Bowl? Oh yeah, that's what my son eats his cereal in for breakfast. LOL. I just root for the team that wins. Then I don't have to worry about loosing. Did you get the tone that we are not really sports fans? Well unless it has to do with rifles and shotguns. Have a great week and just remember that one of those teams is going to win and one will loose.

Ann said...

Lol you need to look at my blog and the latest photo. Do you recognise the jacket?

smithie23 said...

Kevin, my condolences on the pounding your Packers took at the hands of my Giants. As much as I would enjoy seeing the Giants beat the Patriots, again, in the Super Bowl, I'd prefer to face the Ravens, so we can avenge our Super Bowl XXXV loss. But, first, we need to beat the 49'ers and, perhaps, finally tell Trey Junkins it's all in the past.

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