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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Geocaching Confession

"Call me in the morning, I'm going to bed."

I braced myself for her reaction, and got pretty much what I expected- cold, with a dash of "I'll lay into you tomorrow about it".  Who could blame her, really?  It was three days before we were set to leave for Myrtle Beach.  No time for injuries, especially one necessitating the use of crutches.  This was our first vacation together, and here I am, a darn cripple.  She's going to kill me!

The inevitable question was asked the next day.  "So, how did you manage to sprain your ankle?"  It was a pretty basic question, and one would think, would receive a pretty basic answer.  Having the memory of the painful evening I just spent in the emergency room fresh in my mind, and subsequently not wanting to go into detail, I explained to her how I was hiking at the Seven Tubs, and slipped on a mossy rock, fell, and sprained my ankle.  It was pretty much all she needed to hear.  She's not one for details, thankfully.  I took my verbal lashing like a man, both that day and in the subsequent days.

Little did she know, there were no slippery rocks.  No green moss to be found.  I must confess.  Here's what REALLY happened...

Once upon a time, I had Tuesday nights to myself, as my girlfriend was busy with her girls, shuttling them to and from dance lessons.  On one of these Tuesday nights, I decided to head over to the Seven Tubs, and find the Seven Tubs multi-cache.  It was a beautiful summer evening, and was going to be a nice hike out.  I successfully retrieved stage one a few weeks prior to, but for some reason, the coordinates were juxtaposed in my GPSr, so it was back to stage one.  The Tubs area was quite busy, with a combination of swimmers and hikers.  I remembered exactly where stage one was, and knew what I had to do to retrieve it.


As with the first time, I was able to maneuver my way up the railroad spikes, to the container.  GPSr in hand, I punched in the numbers to stage two, then replaced the the container, as is.

Then it happened...

Somehow, someway, I lost my footing on the first spike on the way down, and took a nice fall down to the ground.  It all happened in slow motion.  I could hardly believe it happened.  Briefly frozen on the ground, I took stock of the situation.  Was I dead?  Paralyzed?  Could I get up and find the final?  I soon realized that, luckily, I could stand up.  There I realized what my problem was going to be, I couldn't put any weight on my right ankle, and I'm about a mile from my car. Okay, genius, how do you get yourself out of this jam.

I'm sure I did more harm than good, but I somehow managed to get up and limp out of the woods.  Perhaps hop is a more appropriate word.  I'd hop from tree to tree, then take a break and hop some more.  If it wasn't for trees, I would have, most likely, been crawling back to the car.  Once at the car, I found problem number two:  how am I going to drive?  Being the stubborn guy I am, I decided to bypass the hospital, less than a mile from the Tubs, to head home.  Perhaps soaking the ankle in a hot bath, and keeping weight off it will make it feel better.  I tested that theory out, with no luck.  The darn thing just kept getting worse and worse.  At that point, I had to suck it up and go to the emergency room.  There was no way I could just let this go.  This, coming from the guy who's remedy for any given cure is to just sleep it off!

Ye olde ankle brace.

Four hours and a $35 co-pay later, the doctor told me what I already knew- I sprained my ankle.  They gave me a sports brace and a pair of crutches, and sent me on my merry way.  I went home, settled up in my bed, propped my leg up, and turned my focus on how the heck I was going to explain this to my girlfriend.  She knew I did this thing called Geocaching, but explaining to her that I climbed a pole to retrieve a set of coordinates, then fell to the ground was not likely to fly.  The "I slipped on the rocks" alibi was plausible, believable, and just a little white lie.  It was the same means to an end.  I went hiking and came back with a sprained ankle.

Luckily, for me, by the time we left for Myrtle Beach, I was off the crutches.  The brace came off a day or two later, and the whole ordeal in the woods was soon forgotten.  Why do I tell this story now?  We've decided to return to Myrtle Beach this year, and get married on the beach.  And, yes, I've already been forewarned:  no hiking before the wedding!


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...
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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Good story! Does she geocache with you now? When's the big day?

ebjazzz said...

Funny story - as I was retrieving stage one of that very same multi many thoughts went through my head - the main one being, how do I explain my injuries if I fall from way up there. Having read this now I know what not to do!

Big_Dog1970 said...

Eggselent story Smithers.

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Sorry Smithers, being new to CacheCrazy I got mixed up with my bloggers. Anyway as I was saying previously, it could have been resolved by taking Ginseng, it's reported that it stops you from going limp.


Heather, Heather, Heather, Ginseng? Really? Anyway, is this a preview of what were in for this weekend with your awesome three part series? You bet it is! and I for one can't wait!
I have to go to the store now, for some reason I'm thirsting tea.......
Nice job Dave!

BigAl said...

Dave, what a story. I think they should have a new icon for the attributes on the cache page. It should show crutches, a cane, or a wheelchair to let you know what COULD happen. LOL.

smithie23 said...

Should I add ginseng to my go bag?

smithie23 said...

Kim, she went a few times, and it wasn't for her. No one's perfect. ;)

We're shooting for a June 30th wedding down in Myrtle Beach.

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