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Monday, January 30, 2012

"Excerpts from" Main Street Of America

Another awesome post from the series "Excerpts from" Main Street Of America, enjoy!

While going east, we took the Mother Road (aka Historic Route 66) here and there while looking forgeocaches. The first geocache that put us off I-40 and on to Rt. 66 was this one in Oklahoma. 

I think it is a widely known fact that Rt. 66 is famous for its odd attractions. This was no exception. Some guy decided to put an old VW Bug in his yard, slap on some HUGE tires and a pair of horns. Why? No one really knows. 
Rt. 66 - Oklahoma 
While the Cache owner calls this VW Bug "Bigfoot," the cute little old man we met told us otherwise. Though not a geocacher, he knew exactly what we were up to. He sold trailers out of his front yard - so I bet his driveway is where most geocachers parked. I think he enjoyed talking to us - though I'm not sure he caught everything we said. His hearing wasn't too great. He did mention that the guy who owns the VW Bug calls it his "Horny Bug," get it? Horny.... because it has... horns. H a H a. The old guy seemed to get a kick out of it any way ;-) 

My GPS was pointing me in this direction... and so in that direction I went... 
Rt. 66 - Oklahoma 

made it through the tall grass and made the grab. Do you see it? 
Rt. 66 - Oklahoma 
I got that sticky stuff from the pole all over my hands though. It was a pain to get off. 

Here is a picture of Hunter standing in the middle of Rt. 66. 
Rt. 66 - Oklahoma 

We got back on the road and went for the next cache

I've been on this route before, so I had already seen the wind turbines but I always wanted to get a closer view.... it just so happened, the geocache we were after took us right by a giant wind field. So we jumped out and grabbed some pictures. 
Wind turbines - Oklahoma 
This Photo is by Hunter 

Wind turbines - Oklahoma 
They are so much bigger up close. I guess that makes sense. But jeez, they are really huge! 

The cache we found was part of the Cache Across America series. 

"The Cache Across America Series: This is a series of caches that will take you on a caching tour of the entire United States. One cache is hidden in each of the 50 states. These caches each contain a numeric clue that will lead you to one final cache located in our nation's capitol upon completion of the series.

I'm not planning on getting all 50, but this will be my second one! 

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What is Geocaching? Click here for a little explanation! 

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Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I loved driving route 66. I didn't really "get" route 66. I thought it was just a road. Then I saw the movie cars, and watched it many many times (the joys of living with a toddler). Coincidentally after watching the movie a couple dozen times, we went on a road trip out west.

My reaction went from "oh look, Route 66 - how interesting... wait that looks familiar...woah that funky stuff in Cars is real?!?". Upon that realization (it was the Conoco station in Texas that did it for me), I drove 66 as much as I could. Its a fantastic road.

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