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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Avast ye.

Ahoy there ta Thirsty Thursday.

Splice the main brace and sit on the coffer fer we has a tale to tell.

Okay, enough of the pirate jargon. Here's the real scoop.

Well I know it’s been quite a while since I posted an article, but I am feeling much better now. For those of you who had not heard I had to have emergency eye surgery the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, Thanksgiving. Let me fill you in.

I had been having some vision problems in my left eye since about September. I had been to the eye doctor numerous times between September and November, but nothing was found. Then the Friday before Thanksgiving my somewhat blurry vision returned to normal. I was blown away by it. I could actually see with no problems.
Then on Saturday night my vision went really bad. I could not even drive all the way home from my in-laws.  I had to stop driving and have my son drive for me. Then on Sunday night my wife and I went to a meeting at a friend’s house and as we drove up the driveway I noticed that they had some Christmas lights on their outdoor light. My wife said I had better close my left eye and look again. Their outside light was only white. When I looked with my left eye it was red, green, and purple. That was not good.
The next day I called the VA Hospital and asked if my eye appointment could be moved up several weeks. It was originally the middle of December. My wife, who is an RN, told me the magic words to use. I then told the scheduler “my field of vision is narrowing” and he said “just a minute”. With that he got back on the line and said can you be here on Wednesday of this week. I told him no problem.

On Wednesday I went to the appointment and the eye doctor there noticed right away that I had a detached retina. He immediately sent me to the eye surgeon in the other part of the hospital. The eye surgeon told me I had a detached retina with a macular hole. He said it needed immediate attention. He then said they do not do this type of surgery and he referred me to a local eye surgeon in Kingston. He called him for me and the surgeon said to “send him right over”. I drove from the VA hospital to Kingston with my now really dilated eyes. Watch out folks there’s a blind man driving.

I went in and saw, no pun intended, the new eye surgeon. He told me I did need immediate attention. He said he could operate on the eye the next day. I then said “you mean on Thanksgiving Day?” He then said it would not hurt it to wait until Friday morning. I was to be at the W-B hospital Friday morning at 6:30 for the surgery. It’s a date doc. See you then.

I spent Thanksgiving Day with my family and my wife’s parents. It was a good day with good food, but then I spent the rest of the day just doing nothing. We did not want to take any chances.  After dinner we went home and I prepared for the surgery the next day.
Friday morning we were up early and headed for the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital.  The directions I was given did not pan out and we ended up stopping at a gas station to seek help. The two store workers there had no idea where the hospital was. Thankfully there was a guy stocking bread on the shelves and he told me where it was. We were about two turns away from it. We arrived and could not find out where to park so we drove around. Finally we found a parking area and parked. We went in and I got checked in and then they took me to the pre-op place to wait my turn. They finally took me in for the surgery. It was supposed to take about 40 minutes, but it ended up being about an hour and a half. I came out of the surgery with no problems.

I ended up having a macular hole with two tears. They did do a bit of laser stuff while they were in there. Then they put a gas bubble inside the eye after removing some of the virtuous fluid. This would keep everything in place until it was totally healed. I got to go home the same day and I had to spend the next 7 days sitting in a recliner in an upright position. I could not bend over or lift anything. I was only allowed up to go to the bathroom. Thank goodness for that. I hate being physically able to do things, but not allowed for safety sake. Then the next week I was allowed to go to work, but I was to do no lifting or bending. I just sat at my desk and did paperwork. What a bummer.

During those first weeks I kept going back to the doctor to have him check things out. It was always just as he expected. What I did not like was that I would be missing deer season. My boys and I, and a friend, had spent a lot of time in the woods planning and scouting our land for the nice spot to sit on opening day. Well I did not get to go, but my friend did go and take my boys with him. They did not see any deer the first day, but the second day my friend did take a nice 8 point buck.  

On December 9th I had another appointment and it was at that one that the doctor told me I could go hunting for a few hours on the last day. He said just find a place to sit and let the deer come to you. I did take my boys out behind our house, but again we did not see any deer. It was just nice to be able to get out and enjoy the woods.

I am now coming up on my six week mark after surgery. I just saw the doctor again and he is really pleased with my progress. The gas bubble is just about gone and I am really thankful for that. If you want to get an idea of what I have dealt with hold a construction level up to your eye and look through it. That’s the best I can come up with as to how it looks. When I turn my head the bubble moves and as it gets smaller it bounces all around with little shimmers of light glinting off of it, which is really distracting. Here are some pictures my kids took of me so we will never forget what I went through this year.  

In the lower left of this eye you can see one of the stitches. Ouch!! And in the center of the pupil is the bubble. Also, notice the difference in the size of both pupils. 

After coming home from the doctors office. Yikes!

Pirate Party for the new year anyone?

I hope and pray none of you ever have to go through this, but I am extremely thankful that this type of surgery can be done in this day and age. I am also thankful that God is bringing back my vision, slowly, but it is on the mend. Now I hope to see (LOL) many of you on the trails soon. 



Wow brother, that has been quite an ordeal! All of us at CacheCrazy.Com have been keeping you in our prayers and we hope that you recover fully soon.
I do like the pirate look on you though BigAl, you're a natural! Arrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Aye Matey, that be quite the ordeal. Glad you're on the mend. Don't over do it.


The more I look at your pirate picture, the more I like it. That is a great picture of you! Facebook here it comes!

smithie23 said...

Glad to see you're doing better!

sarah saad said...

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