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Friday, January 6, 2012

2011's Top Posts At CacheCrazy.Com - DcrtSpott

 Where Do I Begin? Friday was DctrSpotts' Day to post........
The good doctor and I met through his prolific desire to find ALL of my caches in like a week or something....
There was this frenzy of found logs, all hours of the day and night emails, back and forth communication followed by more found logs. His was the only found log I have ever entered into Geocaching's Lost and Found! It was awesome! More emails followed by near death experiences and somewhere out of all of that, we formed a friendship.

This guy is brilliant! He is pursuing his doctorate and having a hell of a time geocaching, partying, studying, partying, working, partying, teaching and did I mention he is known to do a small amount of partying too. We are all very proud of Justin (his real name). He's the hope of CacheCrazy.Com to realize his dreams and actually become what he really wants to be. A Mad Scientist.

DctrSpott joined me right from the beginning. I recognized something about the way he wrote and detailed everything, "this guy must be smart" I thought. I was pretty much dead on. In Swag: Redux he blew me away by taking a topic that I wrote on to a totally different level. Then he showed his weakness in Bushwackers Anonymous and his sense of humor and I thought, "maybe he is human?" And then he cracked by asking Can You Cope With A DNF? I knew right then and there we would be friends for life! I love that post!

Spott (That's what we call him) has done some traveling and while in CA he took the opportunity to teach us all Real-Life Cache Lessons, Vol 1 with some down to earth knowledge and great pictures too. He has done some Caching Around The World and even grabbed an FTF in Jamaica! Pretty cool, right? He grabbed some pretty wild local caches too right here in Pennsylvania.  His Seasonal Allergies never kept him away from the outdoors that he loved so much. He always had plans to go to school in Wyoming, USA where he now resides but not without saying, "Farewell NEPA". A Trip To Mount Baldy was a great post along the way.Then once he arrived at his destination, he showed us his new playground in, It's A Whole New World.

To Select one single post that would top all other posts for 2011 for DctrSpott one has to make some tough choices and although I LOVE On Porcupines which is a close second, the number one post is:


Dave, smithie23 has been a friend of CacheCrazy.Com from way back when. I frist saw him show up in the found logs with like 4 finds total. I sent him an encouraging email, welcomed him to the game and we started emailing here and there. Then Dave joined a group I am a member of called NEPAGeocachers. We both decided we need more than just a forum, we needed action, we needed excitement and he showed up at CacheCrazy.Com. It wasn't long before his first guest post came in. I knew the guy had talent and he enjoyed seeing his work and sharing with the CC Community. For his contributions we thank him but little did we know that he would soon become an Admin Author at CacheCrazy.Com.

Around mid September Dave joined on and picked up DctrSpotts Friday post slot while Justin concentrated on his studies (and partying). He has been such an excellent fit for us. He came right out of the gate with My Favorite Caches A Look Back On #500 and stole the show with The World Is Our Game Board which is a must read. He showed us his vulnerable side in Caching Slump and totally blew our minds in Eastern State Penitentiary. Like I said, he is such a great fit here at CacheCrazy.Com.

His geocaching abilities are excellent and in It's Not About The Numbers he shows us how to geocache in three states at one time, beat that! By introducing Fred to everyone his sense of humor prevailed and then he turned all romantic and shared a life changing event with everyone with She Said Yes which is a much better blog post then She Said No for sure.  We all enjoyed his view on Geocaching Events  and Everyone Has A Mania was a fun look at the geocaching obsession with a twist. Yes, even though Dave hasn't been with us steady for a long time he still has offered so many great posts.

So, in order to pick a favorite post from Dave, one that represent his best work for 2011 here at CacheCrazy.Com I had to put two posts in a hat and pick one, lol! No lie.
The runner up is -  Mr. Thomas which is excellent!

The number one post for 2011 from smithie23 is:


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