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Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011's Top Posts at CacheCrazy.Com - BigAl437

Big Al was one of the very first authors who "wanted" to write for CacheCrazy.Com. I told him about my plans to start the blog, he even started one of his own and then we combined forces. I'm glad we did because Rob (his real name) is one hell of a writer and a quality individual. It was like we knew each for years. We just started chatting and the next thing you know we're coming up with ways to get more readers to the blog.

He has brought so much to the table with his writings and to select one top post for this blog is a super tough job! I mean there is so many great articles to pick from right from the start I knew we were in for a wild ride when he posted Beech Blight Aphid! Who has ever seen these things in the wild well alone get video? Then he started some folks off geocaching and he taught us what Geocaching is all about! He has experience in teaching as he and his lovely wife have home schooled their children.

He starts to warm up with his audience and shares his prized signature item with us and made me think about the hints I leave on my cache pages with, What's In A Hint. It was a pleasure to meet him while he was near CacheCrazy.Com World Headquarters doing the infamous, Up On A Rock cache. He is a mountain of a man both in size and heart. He once shared a caching experience that turned up a skeletal remains of what appeared to be some type of antelope in, That's Weird. It was weird.

July came and with it was Geowoodstock IX. Big Al was so excited to be the on-site corespondent for CacheCrazy.Com he just couldn't wait! What a great job he did as well. From the prep work to the attendee interviews he didn't miss a beat despite the internet didn't work at the fairgrounds and cell service was spotty at best. He drove out to a McDonald's to send pics off of their WiFi. He never complained, not once and provided excellent coverage, sent pics of interesting people and executed like a real pro.

His adventurist spirit brought him and his family to some pretty cool places. A Day In The Cavern was awesome but Ohio Caverns Take Two was totally awesome with wonderful pictures and a great literary exploration. But, The Indian Lake Tour was my favorite location and we all got to know more of Big Al's family in his sister Sue and his nephew James. This trip was James first Geocache and Rob got a little wild on the wave tube!
He's no slouch when it comes to geoknowledge either. He showed us signs in, Does Your Cache Need Maintenance and Are You Prepared? You Want Me To Do What was a total eye opener and hit me right where it hurts, yah, there. He taught us all about Seed Caches and then he asked the big question in How Can This Be? that I have been asking myself since I started playing this game. He knows his stuff that's for sure.

Big Al ROCKED Fright Week with his scary tale of Cell 17! Then he flew all the way to Texas and drove back with his son Geocaching the whole way in his Homeward Bound series. They all were together on Thanksgiving and he shared their holiday with all of us! Even his wife "craftimom" got in on the fun and wrote an awesome guest blog.

He's my friend, my confidant and the rock of CacheCrazy.Com. To pick a single post is so hard to do but after hours of reading and re-reading, I think I got it!

The runner up for the top post and a very, very close second place is - Red Next To Yellow 

And now for the Top Post of 2011 from BigAl437 is...............


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I always look forward to Rob's interesting posts! You need to tell us the story behind your cache name tho. Why Big Al?

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