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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011's Top Posts at CacheCrazy.Com

When I look back over 2011 I am inspired to create even more fun and opportunities in 2012. CacheCrazy.Com was actually created in 2009 where I had a website and some interactive features but it wasn't until Feb 7, 2011 when I made the announcement that CacheCrazy.Com would go live on February 21, 2011. At that time I had been communicating with all of our current Admin Authors and many more readers at my website and wanted to change my whole approach to CacheCrazy.Com.

My thoughts were, if I could ask the very best authors I know to contribute one day a week and cover most days of the week, the site would have fresh content daily and different perspectives. Then by reaching out to the reader base and other interesting folks, we could create Guest Blog Posts and build a small network of great outdoor enthusiast dialog. And, I think it worked! In our first full month of March 2011, we totaled 2, 080 page views which I was totally pumped about! This past November we rocked 10,170 page views, flabbergasting!

To each and every one of our loyal readers, we sincerely thank you! To our Honorary Authors, we want you to know that you are all part of the CC.Com family and appreciated. And, to the tireless efforts of our Admin Authors who continuously churn out excellent content each day, you have my undying thanks for helping this dream become a reality. Thanks for believing in me from that very first author invitation and through all my crazy twist and turns to the site. I have loved every minute of it!

With all that said, before we unveil what is in store for the new year, let's stop and take a moment to just glance back over this past excellent year. I am going to post 2011's top posts at CC.Com by author. Each day will feature what I have selected of  that authors outstanding achievement. Please keep in mind that this is my own personal evaluation with little criteria however, Google stats, comments and content do weigh in. This is no easy task by far. I have had to narrow down two and three times to arrive at just one because there are so many great posts! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Monday is Bloodhounded's day of the week to post. Bloodhounded has written some reasonably good content but, he is better known for his "hair brain" ideas to spice things up at CacheCrazy.Com. Let's take a look at some of the achievements, special events and finally the best post by him in 2011.

It all started HERE when I made the first announcement that CacheCrazy.Com was live on February 21st, 2011. We started this blog with just an idea, a handful of Admin Authors, a couple articles and a promise to the readers that we would post fresh content everyday and to this day we still do.

On march 12th, 2011 we started doing guest blogs as a feature at CacheCrazy.Com. My friend Shell from LoveMyGuinness was kind enough to be the very first one. I wasn't even sure how to present it at first but over several months of guest blogging I think we finally started to nail it. But, those first few were a little shaky. Later that month Dave - smithie23 guest blogged with Working Hard or Hardly Working . Who would think that just a few months later he would become and Admin Author?

On April 12th, 2011we did our first CacheCrazy.Com caching adventure. Windmill Hunting in the Barrens was written Dodger and depicted the details of a geocaching adventure that he and I did with all intentions to blog it. The results were awesome and many folks thought this was a great idea.

On May 9th, 2011 I did my first "on location" cache blog! Caching in the Big Easy was a post that I wanted the reader to feel like they were traveling with me to New Orleans. From preparing to travel to the execution of the caches I detailed everything and added a lot of great pictures that I took as well. This really stated a type of post that I would use several more times with other trips in later months.

Also in May of 2011, I started a DIY series with A Fungus Among Us. This was the first tutorial on how to make a crazy geocache container. In later months we would make bird nest caches, cammo geocontainers and detail multi hides that you could do yourself with a little practice and by following the posts details. This was a huge favorite of many readers who asked for more DIY stuff and we delivered.

May 2011 was a busy month as Dodger, DctrSpott and I started to feature caches and it all started with Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones. We would go on to feature other in the coming months but this one was truly the start of something big!

On June 2nd, 2011 the whole CacheCrazy.Com team got together for a quick meet and greet (on my part anyway). The guys were near my home geocaching and although I could not join them, I was able stop, say hello and have a picture taken. It was great to be with the whole team even if it was just for a short time.
In June of 2011, I enjoyed The Best Fathers Day Present Ever! My son Brian from Team Blueball submitted a guest post on his awesome geocaching adventure finding  Where the River Bends. Brian was the first one to interest me in geocaching. He took me on my first hunt and I've been cachecrazy ever since. Thanks Big B!

July brought Geowoostock IX and Big Al was on location at GZ and was  ready to do video uploads, regular posts and pictures galore. The big surprise was that the internet access lead fell through and cell service was nil. Big Al still managed to get out some stuff but not near the event that I had planned. Although this was a blow, it worked out fine and we pulled it off pretty well.

In July we also introduced two Honorary Authors to our readers.
Kim from Snug Harbor Bay offered her amazing post, Zip Line and Canopy Tour! A story of how she spends her daughters birthday by zooming down these crazy zip lines.
Dave from Only Googlebot Reads This Blog was so generous to offer his entire series The Bears Across America! 17 posts, a different adventure each day of him and his family exploring the wild west and geocaching the whole way! 

August of 2011 brought How To Hide A Geocache, Bloodhounded Style. This series of posts showed the reader how to lay out a multi, set up the cache and make it special. It also was the introduction month of The CacheCrazy.Com Reader Survey. This proved to be sobering and informative with many readers offering their ideas and comments on the site. We always appreciate the ideas and suggestions that our readers share with us. It's how we set our sights for the future.

September 2011 brought it's share of action but I wanted to enjoy what was left of the summer and offered an online magazine called Summer Time Fun. It offered several articles per issue post and although I loved the layout, the look and feel, it really didn't go over very well and there have been no online magazines since. Maybe we should re look at this idea?

October 2011 started out with Are You Spartan Tough? This post branched out beyond geocaching and our regular outdoor stuff. It featured a group of athletes who compete in the Spartan Race.  
I couldn't hold off Fall Geocaching as the leaves were starting to change the a crisp chill was in the air. 
And, who could forget Fright Week! 7 days and nights of torture by crazy authors who want to share their story with you! The stories that came out of this series were awesome and so much fun to write and read!
November 2011 was the month that we had one of our most fun CacheCrazy.Com Adventure Caches, Airmail. This cache was originally designed for folks with roping skills and equipment. I threw an extension ladder on top of the minivan and met up with several other cachers and Dodger to get this one done!  We also enjoyed Thanksgiving and had some quality time with friends and family. 

In December of 2011 we introduced two awesome authors who are sure to become regular posters. is run by our friend Erika and she debuts on CacheCrazy.Com.   Our old pal Dan aka Dan the Woods Man took up a new career path driving tractor trailer all over the country. Now he has his GPS with him and is contributing to the series, Geocache America with Geo_Trucker. We look forward to his adventures across the country.

And now, for the all time best Blog Post by Bloodhounded in 2011:


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Congrats on a fantastic year of CacheCrazy! Our fearless leader has taken an assorted bunch and molded us together into a wonderful team of contributors. I am enjoying everything about this blog, both reading the posts and writing them. Here's to another fun filled year. I can't wait to see what you come up with for us to participate in this year.

Erika Jean said...

Waht an awesome year! Looking forward to the next one!

smithie23 said...

Excellent selection! To bring a group of kids together, get them interested in the outdoors, show them something new and exciting, that's what it's all about.

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