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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011's Top Posts at CacheCrazy.Com - WHY NOT WEDNESDAY

Did you know that Why Not Wednesday stated as Wordless Wednesday? Does Wordless Wednesday sound familiar? If yes, you must be a fan of I guess I kinda borrowed it for a few months and then I felt a little guilty so I changed it to Why Not Wednesday. It's an eclectic day of nonsense posts whereas Erika mainly uses it as a day to feature her excellent photography.

We have posted some crazy stuff here on Wednesday's but here are the TOP TEN all time best of 2011!

Number 10 - Tee Shirt Collection 

Number 9 - No Shooting 

Number 8 - Where in the world is BigAl437

Number 7 - Grandpa Thrifty's Treasure Hunt

Number 6 - Fall Fun

Number 5 - The future of geocaching according to Bloodhounded

Number 4 - Big News and The TEN Best caches at Francis E Walter Dam

Number 3 - Can you find the hidden items?

Number 2 - Receive your free gift today!

And the number one Why Not Wednesday Post of 2011 is -


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