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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011's Top Posts at CacheCrazy.Com - Dodger

I have meet a lot of people in my 51 years of existence but few as genuine as Dan aka Dodger. When I say genuine, I mean he puts himself out there, like it or not, that's who he is. I love that about him. I always feel so comfortable hanging out with him. No matter if we're geocaching or our families enjoying some neighborhood fun, we always have gotten along very well. he is my friend, neighbor and one of the most talented authors I know.

Dodger came through with his usual light hearted nature right out of the gate with post number one, Geocaching With Dog The Bounty Hunter. he has a way of taking well know (and some unknown) TV and movie lines and applying them to real life! I don't know for the life of me how he comes up with this stuff but I know I like it!

He is also a devoted husband and father with a wonderful family and he takes the time that is needed to build that special relationship one has with his kids and spouse. You would learn this early in April with his post, A Random Two Weeks; A Random Post where you first get a glimpse of his family. Many more "Family Fun" type posts would follow featuring his girls in everything from Geo Easter Egg hunts, building forts in the back yard to FTF geocaching. Why he even shared the last six years of his families Christmas Cards with us! I loved that post!

Being a true outdoor sportsman, Dodger wrote excellent articles about hunting Spring Gobbler and Deer Hunting but Windmill Hunting in the Barrens is still high on my personal favorite list.

He is not afraid to post on controversial topics as well. The Project APE Caches, Lights Out is a great post, The Opposing View was another and when released the "Challenges", he challenged you to get a free coffee!  If your going to literary war, it's best to have him on your team.

He took us on a day outing with Day Trippin' to Sandy Hook and shared some Summer Pics with us of geocaching, family fun and we even did a mountain bike ride with the family on The D&L Trail.

 DctrSpott first blogged about the cache but, when we did it, Dodger took the assignment of reporting on A Walk Into Darkness and he did such a fantastic job of it. He captured the details, kept it interesting and never took all the credit (even though we couldn't have done it without him). He didn't just get lucky because he did it again with , Nobody Is Going To Vandalize THAT Mailbox and then went for the Trifecta with Yin and Yang.

Selecting the all time best post from Dodger in 2011 was really tough but I think I nailed it.
The RUNNER UP IS - Buzztails  and it's a great post BUT,




Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That was a really good post. Probably one of my favorites!

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