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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why Not Wednesday - Geocache America with Geo_Trucker - Wade, NC

Geo_trucker - Wade, NC
I am in North Carolina, delivering a few miles down the highway. I should really pay better attention to my appointment date and times though, as I thought I was delivering today at 12:30pm. In reality I don't deliver until tomorrow at 12:30 so I went to the local truck stop and parked it, went onto and set out on my geotrucking adventure!

Like A Fish Out Of Water
While I was walking to my first geocache, GC2QGRV, I found this little stream just off the road side with some beaver dams. I heard some creatures moving around in the woods but could not really see past the brush.
There's something down there...
I moved on to the geocache and moved into the woods. While searching, my back to the road, I heard something walking around and so I turned around to see...
travel_lizzy & Dante
travel_lizzy! And her geodog Dante. She said that she passed me on her way to another geocache and saw me look down at my GPS (And I thought I was being sneaky about it). She caught up to me and together we found the nifty little micro. After signing the log book, we decided to team up and find some more geocaches around the area. Next on the list was GC2M8PM "Are You Stumped?", and we found that with ease... well travel_lizzy found that with ease. As a matter of fact....I think I only found one of the geocaches we set out to find together...Well I helped!

Quiet Neighbors
After "Are You Stumped?" we moved onto GC2N3ZY, also known as "Quite Neighbors". This has become one of my new favorites. The area was sooooo cool and yes, we did find "The Outcasts". Apart from the main graveyard, which is several hunderad yards from the road by its self, set off into the woods were some more gravestones. The oldest one I found was from 1889. Dante the geodog helped us out with this one...well he more just ran around everywhere but he helped; just ask him... He'll tell ya!
Cool Spot! This old grave yard is set several hundred yards off the road, behind a farmer's field

Set back in the woods we found even older graves, away from the main yard.

Quiet Neighbors was followed by two quick park and grabs, GC11D0E "Eastover Central" and GC393C4 "Tools for Tots". Tools for Tots was probably one of the most painful geocaches I ever found! There were thorns everywhere.

Airborne TB Hotel

The last one on the list for the day was GCP1MV, "Airborne TB Hotel". It was here I dropped off the travel bug I picked up at a TB Hotel back in New York. This one wasn't hard to find at all, and it was the only one I actually got to yell out "Found it!" on.
It wasn't hidden very well...that's why I found it! ;-)
All in all it was a great day! I sure ran like the wind all day yesterday to get to my appointment on time, little did I know I was going to be 25 hours early. But it would appear that it happened for a was my most productive geocaching day ever. Thanks again to travel_lizzy and Dante for a great day in North Carolina!

Tomorrow I am off to Illinois...what adventures await me there I wonder? I'll ponder it over a couple of waffles at the Waffel House across the street...mmm....waffles.......

Stay safe out there!

P.S. I am no longer WMDan on I am now geo_trucker.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Don't you love meeting new cachers while on the hunt? Sounded like a fun day!


A free day! I love when my schedule opens up like that (rarely)! Meeting friends in the field is cool and being in NC was neat in itself. Keep on truckin Geo_Trucker!

Mich9 said...

google knows it :-D

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