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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What do Spartans do on their day off?

How about 100 burpees for starters!

By: Bloodhounded, Following Team Limitless Through The Quest 2012
Last October 1st, 2011 I wrote, "ARE YOU SPARTAN TOUGH"  introducing Brian Tumelty and his team of Spartan Racers who took the challenge that the Spartan Sprint Race in Palmerton, PA had to offer. Since that time Brian and I have kept in touch. I've made the commitment to follow these Spartans through the 2012 race season. Partly because this sport intrigues me, these guys motivate me and because our readers are so diverse with everyone having some sort of fitness goal, we can all relate. I have learned a lot about Spartan commitment, social community and the unbelievable support that they share with each other to get into shape and stay in top physical condition. A lifestyle of training, not just training for a race. This is no joke guys, these Spartan guys and gals mean business. Ever try to do a burpee? Sounds funny right? Do 40 and let me know what you think then. Brian recently challenged the Spartan community on his Facebook page to do 100 brupees in

Day 1 =1 brupee
Day 2 = 2 burpees
Day 100 = 100 burpees (you get the picture)

Then you could post a picture or video of you doing them in unique places. Fun, right?
Here is Brian doing some "Ghetto Burpees"

And how about Kim's "Farm Burpees"

You would think no one accepted the challenge or maybe just a few wild ones, right?
WRONG! At the time of this writing, 1053 Spartans in training and fitness enthusiasts have accepted the burpee challenge! That's just CRAZY!

Since the interview with Brian, the group of 9 have formed TEAM LIMITLESS that now has over 30 members and 30 of them are registered for the upcoming race 2012 so you know they are not fooling around. The team is made up of athletes determined to go all the way! One particular member that I would like to highlight in this post is Kirk Waidell. Brian describes him as the man who started it all for him.

Kirk recently created and facilitated the Spartan Boot Camp Workout and several of the members came to the battlefield to get crushed by Kirks' idea of building a workout that will condition you for the punishments of the race itself. It blends cardio with bursts of strength and endurance building torture, similar to what the race will ask of your body.

Kirk Waidell, "Experiments In Limitless Living" is the name of his blog which is so inspirational to the fitness community. Brian provided me with a bio from Kirk and with great respect, I post it here.

I bring you Kirk in his own words:
I firmly believe there are many moments in life where you realize your direction  must change. A few years ago I was a bloated, depressed junk food eating couch potato.  My appearance was disgusting. Driving down the road one day chomping on doughnuts, I caught a glimpse of my pudgy cheeks and mouth covered in sugary goodness. It made me sick to see myself like that, covered in crumbs, my stomach oozing over my seat belt.  A change had to happen.  Thus my journey into the world of fitness began.

After trying and failing at some different gym programs and a horrible experience with a personal trainer, I whipped myself into shape with the P90X program.  In 90 days I dropped 60lbs. I was hooked.  I went on to complete the program several more times.  I so enjoyed keeping myself fit, and helping others achieve great results, I decided to go to school and completed the AFPA program to become a Certified Personal Trainer. 

Fate has smiled upon me; I was quickly able to start part time as a group fitness instructor at Amerikick Karate in Lansdale, PA.   I took on the Boot Camp class and quickly had to learn the art of workout design. Thankfully, my class was forgiving, encouraging and had a great attitude as I perfected my craft on them. 
Even working as a trainer, I’m only human, and begin to slack in my workouts. I’ll admit, sustaining motivation isn’t easy.  Another blessing that has helped me become a better trainer was the discovery of the Spartan Races.  I ran a several mud runs previously, but none appealed to me on the level Spartan does.  Not only does Spartan boast a huge community of people helping people, but its a great tool in keeping yourself motivated for working out.  The following is a Blog post from my website, highlighting the importance of what I call “fitness on purpose

 Fitness on purpose, sounds pretty simple right? Have a reason or purpose for your fitness program. Working out to drop weight or get in shape really doesn't motivate me to spend an hour a day doing burpees, push-ups and pull ups or worse yet running on a tread mill. Once you have a goal of weight loss what do you do next?
In my opinion, weight loss isn’t specific enough of a goal. I became involved in the adventure mud runs, specifically Spartan Race, to push myself and challenge my body. When you are training to participate in an event, or for a specified physical challenge, the way you want to train your body changes. When training for a summer of mud runs I will condition my body differently than if I am in the winter, and training strictly for strength. So what’s my point? See yourself as an athlete, do something with your fitness, have a purpose for training other than “to get in shape”. To me that’s not specific enough. Commit to a Spartan Race or something else that will challenge you to pursue fitness on purpose.

My passion, my desire is too see other people reach their fitness potential.  Seeing someone accomplish a work out, week in and week out, increasing strength, endurance, shedding pounds, that is so thrilling.  My goal is to help everyone that walks into my gym reach their full potential, to encourage them to go beyond limits and create a stunning body. 

Creating the Spartan workout was an awesome experience, and I was thrilled to do it.  Team Limitless has an awesome group of people and several of them came out Saturday Dec 3, to put themselves to the test.  In my opinion, optimum training for Spartan is intense endurance followed by a burst of strength.  This simulates the actual need as a Spartan runner.  Running a distance to an obstacle that needs a burst of strength, immediately followed by intense endurance.  This is the philosophy for training that I follow, and have found it to be adequate for my participation level. (I’m not in it for time, however I find myself to be in great condition).  Obviously if you are participating for time, you can increase your training and I would absolutely add long distance running.

The beauty of fitness is that it’s a discipline that spills over into all aspects of life.  Organization, time management, goal setting just to name a few.  I love what adopting a healthier lifestyle has done for me, and it makes my job of helping others reach their potential so rewarding.  

Stay tuned and see how the team makes out with their goals. We'll be check in on these Spartans from time to time and featuring some members of Team Limitless as the race year progresses. My hope is that they will motivate you as they have me to meet your own fitness goals whatever they may be in 2012.



Anonymous said...

Awesome...Happy to see Team Limitless carrying the Torch. Hope you guys are on the street team!

Anonymous said...

Great article. Kirk speaks the truth and has given me a lot to think about. Good Luck to Team Limitless this year!

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