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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The End of a Travel Bug

The tragic destruction of the beloved Bertha Bravada.

By Big Al


Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and  weep with me.

The story you are about to hear is true. The names have not been changed for there is no reason to change them. Just the facts ma'am, the plain facts.

Last Wednesday, as many of you know, we had a bad snow storm creep up on us here in the Northeastern section of Pennsylvania. This storm did not drop mega inches of snow all at once. It did not even drop a dozen inches of snow; just a mere 4 to 6 inches. But that was all it took to wreak havoc on the beloved Bertha Bravada.

Here is the how the story went down.

My daughter, Kyo-Kat, had to drive my SUV down to her college class at LCCC where she is studying Computer Graphic Design. On Wednesdays I usually leave earlier than she does to attend a men's prayer breakfast. But this day was different.
Due to my recent eye surgery (more on that at another time) and the fact I still cannot drive yet, she was taking my car and my wife would take me to work.  I went in to work and had a pretty good day.

My wife picked me up from work and we went home as usual. Once home I did what I have done for the past two weeks, which was to sit in my recliner and do absolutely NOTHING.  After dinner I was typing on my laptop when my wife received a phone call. Now we were expecting a call from our son telling us it was time to pick him up from his small group Bible study. Instead it was a frantic call from our daughter yelling to "come get me". My wife got her to calm down, asked her if she was okay, (she was) and explain what had happened. She said she was traveling North on I-81 and was almost home when she hit some black ice and started spinning. She was not sure how many times she did a 360, but she was sure it was a lot. She said she was now facing the wrong direction in the North bound lane, but she was against the guardrail. My wife told her we were on our way.

As we headed out the door I began to give a prayer of thanks that she was okay. She then called a second time and stated that there was a State Trooper there now and she had told him her parents were on their way there.

We pulled up behind the Trooper and parked. I got out and proceeded to walk up to the Trooper who then began scolding me for parking behind him. He stated that "you should never park behind a Trooper", and then he explained why. He did not want us to get hit if someone should loose control of their car. He said he would rather his car get hit and not ours. (If you did not know it Troopers really do care about us.) He then asked us to move in front of our daughter and put our flashers on. We did just what he said.

Since my daughter did not want to drive right now (I don't know why) he had me turn the car around and face the right direction. He then proceeded to give us all of the paperwork and told us we could leave. There were no citations given. I then continued driving home, which proved to be really interesting as we slid many times. We finally arrived safe and sound at home.

The next day I took some pictures of the car. My wife took me to work and then called the insurance company. They eventually sent out a guy to check it out and he said it was totaled and they would send us a check the next week. My wife called me and gave me the news. My response was "What?" She said when I got home I was to look underneath of the rear wheel-well and I would understand.

When I got home I did just that. Then I understood. The frame was bent beyond repair. We then cleaned out the car and as I removed my TB sticker I realized it was the end of Bertha Bravada. Bertha had traveled with me to more caches than anyone else. I'm just beginning to figure out the miles, but it's well over 10,485 miles. We all are going to miss Bertha, but we are more than thankful that God kept our daughter safe during her first accident. If you remember the article my wife wrote last week you'll understand when I say that I was sure to use this as a teaching time with my daughter. It was a gentle reminder of what could have happened, but mainly how that God had protected her.

Here are the last pictures of Bertha. We'll miss you.

This corner took the brunt of the hit.

The rear gate and both back doors would not open.

The gas cap and such has been relocated.

Notice the bent frame? That piece is supposed to be straight.

BTW, my daughter told me she learned something else; she can scream like a girl. LOL. Gotta love those daughters.


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I am glad that no one was hurt.

Its sad to see those TBs go, but it had a good life. A long life. May it Rust-&-Piece.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Thank God your daughter is ok. Cars can always be replaced.


WHOA, that is pretty scary! Thank God she is ok! Travel things are not my thing but I hate to see anything geocaching come to an end. I travel that section of I-81 frequently and there are a lot of accidents on that stretch.
Well, on the bright side, you get a check and it's time for a new geomobile!
It surprises me that the frame bent like that on what appears to be medium damage. Maybe why Oldsmobile is history BUT I always liked the Olds. I had a Cutlass Supreme, my first new car. I had it for three weeks, left it running while I ran into a store and when I came out, it was GONE! Dude, that sucked!
Anyway, Great Post Big Man!

smithie23 said...

Thankfully your daughter is ok! I agree with Kevin, that's a bad stretch of road.

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