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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY - Storage Containers Today - Geocache Containers Tomorrow?

Geocaching in Self-storage
Guest Blog - Matt Schexnayder, SpareFoot

Recently, there has been an increase in the geocaching fascination. Now for those of you that don’t know, geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches", anywhere in the world.
Millions of people have joined the search for these caches and now they can be found in all seven continents, including Antarctica. This blog was created to share the experiences of multiple geocachers, and I think it does a great job. It is a fun thing to be a part of, and it will be interesting to see how many more people get involved in the future.

After learning more about this worldwide phenomenon, I wanted to add my own twist to it. I wanted to think of a way that I could incorporate the using a self-storage unit on this adventure. 
Here is what I came up with:
First off, I think that the locations selected for this should be close to small town, or near a place that people would not normally think to visit. For example, there are a high number of Colorado Springs self-storage units perfect for this sort of thing. It is a fairly small, quite mountain town that would be a fun place to travel to.
It will start just like any other geocache trip. You look up your destination, and use whatever tools you have at your disposal to reach your destination. Upon arrival, instead of finding a logbook to sign, I thought it would be exciting if the person found a key. To what you ask? A key to a self-storage unit! This adds extra excitement to the experience, and allows you to continue your quest for a little bit longer. The key will of course have with it more directions/coordinates as to where the unit it goes to is located and maybe a brief summary as to what is going on, as I suspect many people will be a bit thrown off.

Once you have a grasp on the situation, you embark on the next leg of the journey heading to the storage facility. But now this is where I am stuck. I have led you to the facility, but I don’t know what should be in the storage unit, yet. Here there will have to be a log book so that people can see how many others have completed this extended task, but other than that I am just not sure. I encourage people to leave comments with their thoughts and ideas, and hopefully together we can think of something.

So don’t be surprised if on your next geocaching journey you arrive to find a mysterious key.

Thanks Matt! We'll try to help you out with your storage unit geocache. Leave your comment on what YOU think Matt should have inside that storage unit. Have fun with it....

About Matt: Matt Schexnayder is on the SpareFoot marketing team and writes for the SpareFoot blog. SpareFoot is the largest online marketplace for self-storage that also gives you listings of upcoming storage auctions, just like what you see on Storage Wars. Matt also writes for the self storage facility operators at 

Can You Find The Geocache Containers 
In This Storage Unit?

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BigAl said...

The idea sounds like it might be a cool cache container. I could go for finding one of them. But not to sound negative here are some thoughts that I had. As far as I know most storage units have a monthly fee. Who is going to pay for it? Also, would the owner of the storage area be in on it? If not totally for it they might get a little upset at so many people coming into the area to find the final cache. Where I live a lot of the storage areas are fenced off and you would also need a special combo to get into the fenced in area. Well these are just some thoughts that I had. Hope this helps. If you can get it figured out it would be an AWESOME cache and I would like to look for it.


Dodger once had an idea to do a Toys For Tots cache. The reviewer would have no part of it however, you and I both know that there are ways around that. The storage unit would have been a great location for the drop off. Another idea would be to start the cache off with a bunch of "working" stuff like old boombox, table and chairs, small unused TV, lamps, end tables and stuff like that. They would actually be the swag. You can bring a microwave and trade for an old Walkman. That would be cool. In either case, the rent would be the responsibility of the CO. I would do it for a few months just for the hell of it though.

Anonymous said...

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Rammy Jones said...

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Anonymous said...

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bryan flake said...

That would be pretty crazy if a Geo Cache was in a storage unit. If you had to find the actual item, it might be like finding a needle in a haystack. From the looks of that photo on the end of the article, a storage unit might end up being like a puzzle.

sarah saad said...

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