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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY - CacheCrazy.Com Readers Survey Results

Dear Valued Readers,

We recently posted our link to the CacheCrazy.Com Readers Survey and I thought it might be interesting to share with you the results to date. My hope is that we can interpret these ideas and suggestions into enhancements that can help make CacheCrazy.Com be the best it can be.
If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please do. We value the view of our readers and respect their honesty. As we grow and gain new readers they will enjoy the site even more thanks to you. This isn’t my site or our authors, it’s everyone’s to read, share and contribute to. 

Thanks for stopping by, have fun and cache crazy!

There were five additional comments:
·         Ones that are really clever and with good swag.
·         Night Caches
·         Tricky urban hides
·         Event Cache
·         Crazy unique cache containers

There was one additional comment:
·         Night time multiple cache

There were five additional comments:
·         60 km
·         30% of my finds are 1000-2500 miles from my house
·         25% of my cache finds are >1000 miles from my home coords.
·         Anywhere the caching trail leads me
·         However far it takes us!! Love it!!

There were three additional comments:
·         When something comes to mind...
·         As often as good content dictates.
·         No more than one article a day.

There were three additional comments:
·         I'd like to be able to get on.
·         I like the variety of authors. Though a bit confusing on who post what. Sometimes its in the post, sometimes in the title, sometimes a logo. Why not "Configure Blog Posts" and check the "Posted by" box and get rid of all the other options?
·         I love the everything about it

1 person skipped this question

Question no graph - If you could change anything about CacheCrazy.Com what would it be?

·         more "how to's"
·         na
·         Nothing! It's absolutely awesome!
·         More regular features.
·         nothing I love it!
·         more content
·         nothing! great site
·         I would like to see the site itself hidden like a cache from direct access from the web with the real http address placed in random public bathrooms.
·         I would like to see more video and pictures
·         Not too much. Very interesting concept. Great twist on the geocaching experience.
·         Same font same size same color for all posts. More streamlined
·         More cohesiveness
·         N/A
·         Wider layout
·         n/a
·         NOTHING

9 people skipped this question

There were six additional comments:
* I have recently added smithie23 to the list of Admin Authors and the readers survey
·         Cerberus1 - Oh sorry, he's not listed
·         I won't pick a favorite because everyone brings something different to the table. I think that variety is what I like best.
·         I can't choose one... You're all so great in different ways!
·         I prefer the 2 usually listed at the bottom of the page; Older Posts and Newer Posts.
·         and Bloodhound, Dodger, DctrSpott (but you are all good)
·         aw shucks, I like ya all.
2 people skipped this question

There were four additional comments:
·         I've never been to one like it, so I can't really compare. But I like it. :)
·         Not really sure...
·         You are better than any other caching blog I've seen. But I think MY blog is the best. LOL
·         Good job all around.

There were three additional comments:
·         I follow in Google Reader, so I see new posts when I check reader.
·         Every day you have a post it shows up in my reader (that I check all the time) I click over when I feel a comment is warranted
·         Just got back up and running....will be homepage soon.

*The final question has been omitted from this review*

This is the chart for All Time Page Views from the blogs stats. You can see the tremendous growth since we started this project in February 2011. With over 9,000 page views per month, I can tell you that people are reading and enjoying our blog. I hope a few of these page views are you! Thanks!


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