CacheCrazy.Com: WHY NOT WEDNESDAY - The Back Yard Cache By: Erika Jean

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY - The Back Yard Cache By: Erika Jean

This cache was developed and contributed by friend and fellow geocacher Erika Jean. I had it posted to my website but decided this would be a better format to feature it. Be sure to let Erika know how you liked it and who knows, maybe she will make a second cache for us at CacheCrazy! You can visit her excellent blog here @

Have fun and go fetch that cache!


This cache is basically in plain sight and camouflaged to blend into the surroundings. It is a small container which contains a log. You may have to use your geosenses here in order to find it. We’ll call this cache a “par 4” meaning, you should be able to find it within four tries. If not, no big deal. Please sign the log and place it back exactly the way you found it, lol!
A great cache for that cold and/or rainy day! Have fun....and Go Fetch That Cache!

Thanks Erika! We love this cache and are proud to host it at


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

EJ: Excellent idea and really nicely done. A perfect example of how to cache. Loved it!

BigAl said...

Thanks for giving me something to do while I rest from my eye surgery. This was a lot of fun since I cannot get out and actually go Geocaching. Thanks again.

Debbie said...

that was a lot of fun.
I got it in about 8 tries- only because i didnt stick with my original thought of where it was (same location different spot) and just jumped all over the place (unlike real caching)

Erika Jean said...

I know where it is ;-P

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