Thursday, November 17, 2011


The Beginning of the End. Day 3.

By Big Al


Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy our adventure as my son and I travel from Texas to Pennsylvania. 

Last week my son and I were camping in a campground after our long drive across Texas. Because I went to bed early I then got up early; like 4:00 a.m. Go figure. I took a walk over to The Flying J Restaurant, which was near the campground. I bought some stuff there for souvenirs for the family and I picked up a Key Chain to make into a Travel Bug. I just love sending them out. I then went back to the campground and got ready for the day. My son eventually got up and we packed everything up and checked out once the owners arrived at the office. Then we went for breakfast. I told Paul that after breakfast we could try and find a cache that was not too far away. He was all for it.

We headed over to the cache site and found GZ. We began searching and found the cache without any problems. It was called the I-10 Travel Bug Crash Pad. This was a nice ammo can and it was hidden in a nice area. It had a TB in that I took and I then placed a TB that I had brought from PA in it. I love adding miles to the TB's account. We also discovered a TB named Peppy. It was a Pepsi can traveling back to Colorado and since we were not going that way we left it for someone else to find. We did discover it though before moving on.

We kept driving and finally entered Louisiana. While we drove along we got onto a very long bridge that went over the Bayous. I have never been on a bridge that is this long. I took a number of pictures of the swamps and I wish would have had time to stop and see some of them. They are really cool looking.

                                          The Bayou (Swamps)

We finally got to our first cache here in LA. It was in a little place called Scott. The cache is called I-10 Heriatge Center and Arboretum. This was a neat little house with a pond and some ducks.

There was a cut out of a little old conductor holding a lantern and I had Paul get a picture of me with him. Once we were done with that it did not take us too long to find the cache.

We signed the log and I took a few things out and put a few things in. I also left a sig item for someone else to find as well as I dropped off my GX Proxy coin from GWS9 and the GC from TUP. We put it back and headed on down the road.

We drove on and finally had to stop for gas and something to eat, but not before finding another cache. This cache was called !!Zombies!!. It took a little searching to find it and Paul acutally found it first. We signed the log being careful not to be seen by any muggles because there were plenty around. I took out a 1936 Ford TB called Polly's 36 Ford . Paul took Fuzzy Pal and he will move it along. I discovered this TB and then we went to eat. We stopped at Pizza Hut and had dinner. Then it was on the road again.

Our next stop was at the USCGC-Northwind Old Sea Buddy TB and Coin Hotel. This was a very large cache. Paul found it and he opened it up and signed the log. I signed too and then I took out a cache container. This person has left a number cache containers for you to take and hide. Then you are to post a note of where you hid it so all will know where its at.

When we were done a guy asked what we were doing. This is a major bike/hiking path with lots of muggles. Paul began telling him what we were doing and the guy was confused. He thought we were collecting these little nuts that were hanging on the tree we were beneath. So we went ahead and explained all about Geocaching to him. He thought it was a cool idea and could not believe they are hidden all over the world. We then made sure the cache was hidden just like we found it and we hit the road again.

We crossed over into Mississippi and found a cache there. It's called Batteries Not Included. It is a regular size flashlight without any batteries. I really love the cool caches that people come up with. We signed the log and left again. Our next cache left us bewildered because we just could not find it. We searched all around, but with no luck. We finally gave up and headed on. We crossed over into Alabama and stopped at the Welcome Center. The cache here was easy to find even thought it was getting dark out. This cache is a birdhouse. When you look in the hole you see a bird nest. But if you open the top you'll find the cache. Paul thought this one was really cool. He had never seen a cache like this before. We signed the log and left. We drove on and were bound and determined to get really far tonight. We stopped for another easy cache and found it with no problems. I decided to take a chance and drop off my Fox and the Hound Geocoin. I hope someone picks it up soon and moves it along. We headed on down the road once again.

Our next state was Georgia. We found an easy P&G at a drug store and signed the log and left. Since Paul was feeling pressed for time we only did one cache here in Georgia. Then it was on to Tennessee. We stopped at two places to find a cache and we just could not find them. I did not want to spend a lot of time looking for them so we marked them as DNF and took off. I began searching out a few more caches here in Tennessee for us to find. The first one I found on was a micro in a hotel parking lot. It was a skirt cache. We found it with no problems and signed the log. Paul then deicded maybe we'd better stop for the night since we were already in a hotel parking lot. He went in to check on the price for the night. He was in there for a long time and when he came out he said we were staying here for the night. We parked the car and took some stuff in and then hit the sack. It was about 3:30 a.m. on the 17th. This has been a long trip so far, but a lot of fun with Paul. I'm glad I can get him back into Geocaching once again. Maybe he'll really get the bug and buy a GPS for himself. We'll see.

Here is a picture of the cache container I took out of the cache earlier and I did place it after getting back home. I'll only post one picture of it because I want to cover it in a later article on making a Geocache.

Yes it's a plastic Miracle Whip jar. This is after I painted it. More to come later.

Next week we'll be taking a break from the Homeward Bound series to take a look at Thanksgiving Day fun. See you then.



Excellent continuation of the series. I really like your hat and shirt in the picture with the conductor! I would love to do a road trip like that. Man, that would be fun!
Great job as usual, thanks!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I am really enjoying your trip. You are getting lots of states checked off your list and finding some cool sounding caches. I love all the TB hotels.

Erika Jean said...

Sounds like a looong but fun trip!

sarah saad said...

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