Thursday, November 10, 2011


The Beginning of the end. Day 2.

By Big Al


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and enjoy our adventures.

Last week I left you as I was on the airplane about to take off. We did take off and I finally arrived in San Antonio, TX safe and sound. My son picked me up and we went to his house. We got to sleep after talking for some time, which was needed since I hadn't seen him since my trip down there last April, which also brought about the article Red Next To Yellow

Saturday morning we got up and packed a few things before he took me out for breakfast. He had told me we were meeting a friend of his there, but he did not let me know until we were almost there that this friend was a young lady. I was glad to meet her and she is a very nice young lady. Now don't go thinking thoughts like that because they are just friends. (For now.) After eating we went back to his house and finished packing our ride. 

Actually he didn't have too much to be packed in, or on, the car. Then we hit the road. Some time ago I purchased a MyFi from Verizon and this little contraption allows me to be on the internet no matter where I am. I really wish I would have had it during Geowoodstock IX, but that is another story. Since I had the MyFi along I could check out my Facebook page, my emails,, and This allowed me to find caches as we drove along. I could follow the route we were driving on and see caches that were nearby and then I could check them out. We decided to hit the first one of the day. It was The Shepard's Way, which was in a little cemetery. This was a really nice stop along the way and it was a quick find. I figured I'd pick out some easy caches for us to find since we were traveling and this one happened to be my son's first cache since I had gotten him into the new sport on my last visit.

Question. Why do cemeteries usually have fences and gates? Are they trying to keep people out or in? If the cemetery is walled off is it somewhere you really want to go? Just something to think about for your next cemetery cache.

I signed the log and then my son went to sign it and he could not remember his caching name. He tried and tried, but could not remember it. I then got on the internet and went to my friends file on and found his caching name. Well that was not too hard, but trying to remember his password was another story. He did remember it finally and was able to log in. Whew! Time to move on. As we drove along my other son back in PA called and said the power in the house had just gone out and he wanted to know what to do. Great. What a time for the electricity to go off. I am not there and my wife was at a Quilling Class with a friend and there is no power at home. My son said that other houses around ours were also without power so I knew it was not just ours. He said he'd find something to do until Mom got home.

As we drove along we passed a van and it looked like a clown was driving it. I told me son to slow down so the van would come up along us again, so he did. The van began to pass us and I had my camera ready. When the van got along side of us we noticed it was a clown.

He waved as I took his picture. His van said the  "Pardy Wagon". Obviously he was a clown for hire. Well he really made our day.

We continued on and made it through Houston and then we decided to stop for dinner.  My wife called and said she had gotten home and there was no power. I told her our son had called me and let me know.  She and my son then went out to eat too. My son and I drove along and just enjoyed talking to each other about things that had happened in our lives since we had last seen each other. There is nothing like catching up on old times with your own son. I again thanked God for returning him home safely to us. As we traveled on it began to get late and we knew we had better stop for the night. We decided to find a camp ground and spend the night and get a fresh start in the morning.

I did a Google search of local campgrounds and found several. I called them and most of them were going to be closed by the time we arrived there. Some also did not allow tent camping. I finally called Oak Leaf Park and the lady there said we could camp with a tent if we were only staying one night. I told her that was all we needed. She said they would wait for a bit before closing up and I thanked her. We drove along following Natalie, my Nuvi GPS, and arrived at the road for the campground. There was only one problem. The road had a dead end sign right where we wanted to turn. How could this be? We followed the GPS without fail. We turned around and went back to another road and turned and started following it. Wrong road. I finally called the lady and told her where we were and she told us how to get there. Natalie was right about the road, but it has been closed for some time. We followed the ladies directions and ended up at the campground. We went in and met the couple who runs the place and then the gentleman showed us to our site.

We set up the tent and while we were doing this the guy came back and gave us an adapter to use so we could plug in our laptops at a nearby electric pole. That was really nice. We both were able to get on the internet using my WiFi and make the updates we needed to make. My wife called and said the power was now back on and I was thankful for that. We talked about our day's adventure and then it was off to bed.

Please join us next week for another episode of Homeward Bound. See you later.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like how your MyFi priorities are basically the same as mine! LOL Sounds like your trip got off to a good start. Just being with your son is the best part tho.

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