Thursday, November 3, 2011


The Beginning of the end. Day 1.

By Big Al


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and enjoy our adventures.

When my son Paul realized he was getting out of the Air Force he told me he wanted to fly me down to Texas and then we would drive back to PA together. I told him that sounded great, and then I asked him if he minded if we cached all the way back home. Of course he wanted to be able to increase his numbers too, so he said that would be fine. GREAT.

He told me he was going to plan our route and try to get us into as many states as possible. I told him that sounded like a wonderful idea. Hey, what better way to pick up some souvenirs for each state than to cache them with my son. Our plan was for me to fly down on October 14th, and then we would begin our drive on the morning of the 15th. He had emailed me earlier in the week and said that the plane tickets were coming to me via email. I checked and sure enough they were there.

The afternoon of the 14th started out fine. I had all of my stuff packed and my wife then took me to the airport. She dropped me off and after a hug and a kiss, well actually numerous kisses, she left. Since I had the  new E-tickets, I did not have to go to the counter, but went right to the Security Area. As I approached the TSA officer she asked me if I was on the flight to Newark, NJ. I told her I was. She then told me I had better go back to the check-in area and talk to them because she had just noticed that the flight to Newark was CANCELLED.

WHAT? was my response. I turned around and headed back downstairs and right over to the check-in counter. I had to wait for my turn in line because there was another lady ahead of me. As I listened to her conversation, hey she was loud, I realized she must be on the same flight. They told her they were working on the situation and then another lady called me over to a different counter. I handed her my tickets and she then told me the flight had been cancelled. She did not give me a reason, but said she would do her best to get me another flight. She then said she could get me out first thing tomorrow morning and that was when I assured her that I NEEDED to be in TX by TONIGHT. I would show her who was boss.

Well as it turned out there were no more flights out to Newark. Then the ladies began discussing a bus. I thought they were kidding. That was when she told me they were contacting a bus company and I would have to wait over in a waiting area for the bus to arrive and then they would ship us to Newark. Great; not really what I wanted, but I guess it would do. At least I should be there by tonight. Well the bus arrived and we headed off to Newark. What a long ride. The good thing was this was no ordinary bus, but a Luxury Limousine. It was very comfortable.

                                       My personal Chauffeur

We arrived in Newark and I grabbed my stuff and headed into the airport.

I went to the TSA and put my stuff  on the conveyor belt and I walked right through. As my stuff came through the guy watching all of it yelled something to the others and then they were grabbing all of my stuff and they told me they needed to do a "wipe" down on all of my gear. I told them that was fine because I had nothing to hide; except all of my Geocaching equipment. LOL. The guy doing the wipe down asked me if I was a hunter and I told him I was. Now I wonder if I had ammunition powder in the one backpack I was using since I usually have lots of ammo in it. They did not find anything and they told me to proceed on to my gate. Well that was sure a fun experience; NOT! But at least now I was on my way. I made it on the plane only to find out they were changing my seat. I got one with more leg room. That was okay by me, and I did not have any fellow seat mates. Thank you Lord.

One of the pilots then came over the intercom and told us there would be a slight delay due to the fact that the  First Officer was on a plane that was about 30 minutes out. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! A bus ride, screened by Security, and now a late pilot. At least I had a comfortable seat. The First Officer arrived and we started to taxi out to the runway. Then the pilot came back on the intercom and said "Folks were now in line for take-off and we are sitting at number 18. NUMBER 18? I can tell this is going to be a great trip.

See you next week for more of our adventure.



I can't wait until next Thursday!I always wanted to do a road trip like this. I'll bet one is in my future, God willing.
Hey Big Al, You had better start planning your Thanksgiving Day post Mr. Thursday........Three more weeks:)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Nothing like leaving us in suspense for a week...... Hurry up and come back already. I can't wait to hear how the rest of your trip went.

smithie23 said...

Great story! I can't wait to hear the rest. I always find airports to be adventurous, and rarely in a good way. Maybe I'm just still bitter over Delta stranding me in Atlanta this past January.

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