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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Could you have asked for a better Halloween week?  We had our excellent Fright Week series here at Cache Crazy - totally awesome.  Then we had all the amazing fall weather and an early season snow storm on Saturday.  Then it was the big day itself yesterday when all the youngsters (and a few "oldsters" too) took to the streets to scare the dickens out of folks and earn their tricks or treats.  There's simply no denying it - Halloween is just plain old fun.  So I invite everybody to come along through the DLC slideshow and enjoy the ride.  I bring to you, friends....


This has happened before but it's still something that you're never quite ready to handle this early in the season - the October snowstorm.  We got just plain old pummeled with snow all day Saturday and into Sunday morning. 

I love this picture.  We still have (had?) flowering hanging baskets on our front porch.  That beautiful symbol of spring against the white "winter" background... so neat.

Here's another cool (pun intended?) shot showing the flowers against the snow.  Then throw in the wood pile stacked in preparation for more cold weather... it's just too many seasons colliding at once!

Again, folks, this is from Sunday, just three days ago!

I got to play around on the four-wheeler which was fun.  Here's my handiwork from zipping up and down the driveway about 400 times.

It's damn pretty but damn early for this, too!

Early or not, it is breathtaking (pun intended again?) and stunning.

No matter the weather, there was work to be done at the DLC residence.  We had pumpkins to carve!  Our two girls were off-the-wall excited to tackle this yearly project.  Annalie couldn't wait to dig out the "guts" of the pumpkins...

There she is, anxiously awaiting our latest project.

Sadie, on the other hand, was content banging spoons on the table.

Here I am working on "my" pumpkin.  I swear, this pumpkin's hide was tougher than rhino skin.  I went through three different knives trying to put a dent in this iron beast.

Dad and kids, all fully immersed in the task at hand. 

Here's is the sketch Annalie put on her pumpkin.  That's my outline for carving.

...And more spoon banging from our one-girl band...

Finally Dad got the lid carved off of this baby and Annalie got to rip into the guts!

Sadie took the more thoughtful approach and let Mom handle the dirty work.

No rhino-skin pumpkin was stopping me.  Here I am, in typical overkill fashion of both an engineer and a male, breaking out the power tools to get the job done.

Finally we were all set for yesterday!  The big day had arrived, the day all kids think about as much as even Christmas....


From left to right, we have Bloodhounded's Mike dressed as - I think - Vicki Lawrence as Thelma Harper, DLC's Annalie donning a cupcake costume, Bloodhounded's Andie as the classic fish tank costume, and DLC's Sadie as a strawberry.

Of course, Dad has to play, too...

I'm just warming up.

Now the town of White Haven, PA is a true American Halloween town.  These people know how to do it up right.  Everybody is out on their porches... all the houses are decorated... it's really good and clean fun.  I loved it...

Strawberry and Cupcake ready to gather their loot.

I love it.  This is so small town Pennsylvania.  This is our friend Maddie as an archery hunter.  Notice the deer hanging over her shoulder.

The true Halloween symbol along the wall of this house...

Man, I wonder how many jigsaw blades this guy went through?

Everybody's in costume.  Check out this headless dude.

I'm pretty sure they were handing out candy, but I don't know.  Maybe it was some evil witch brew?  Gee, I don't really know now.

Another classic.  This was the scene inside the White Haven ambulance garage.  Kind of makes you wonder, eh? 

This guy was hanging out in the garden while other folks were dishing out the candy on the front porch.

Sigh.  You can't have Halloween without the copycats.  I'm obviously partial to one Joker over the other, but I'll admit - that guy does have green hair.

Those coveralls weren't just part of a costume.  It's cold here in Northeast Pennsylvania!

One of the many scenes on our journey through spooky White Haven on Halloween.

Happy Halloween everybody.  Happy All Saints Day. 

I'll wrap up Cache Crazy's Fright Week with just one more thing...

"Why so serious?"



Ha, I love this post! What a great way to end the series. THANKS!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

LOL - LOVED the power tools on the pumpkin - so something MY husband would do as well. All the costumes were great. Looks like everyone had a fun night.

Harold said...

Cool pictures(pun intended).
I really enjoyed looking at them and reading your story.
It looks like you all had an awesome time.
Great job, and you are quite the Joker..... :)

Erika Jean said...

Haha, I love that you broke out the power tools! That is so something my dad (also an engineer) would have done!

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