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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY'S - Take A Kid Caching

The future of Geocaching lies in the hands of today’s young people and children. They are the next generation of geocachers and how we hide, maintain, and project the sport today is nothing more than the starting point for them to expound on for tomorrow.  This is why I often stress cache maintenance and keeping the “treasure” in the treasure hunt. When a kid opens a cache they are not only looking for the treasure it may hold, they are looking at the door to the future. No treasure, no future and 30 years from now someone will ask you, “what WAS geocaching?
Offer your services to a local scout troop, church youth groups, Big Brother/Big Sister clubs, CYO groups even the YMCA may be able to help you put a small group together. All it takes is that one kid, just like you and I, who get hooked on their first cache and the rest is history........literally. 


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