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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Was it You?

They said they were just having fun. 
They said it didn’t hurt anybody.
They said it’s just a game.
Some game...
Many years ago, in these very woods around the Francis Walter Dam, there lived a hermit and they say buried right here in these woods was an old treasure left behind from the old coal mining days.  Some say it was from a Wells Fargo stage.  Others say some miners robbed one of the barons.  Nobody knows for sure, but that didn't stop folks from seeking that treasure, especially the old hermit.
That old hermit used to look for that buried treasure almost every waking moment.  Day and night he looked.  And when he didn’t look, he’d sit by his campfire and think about that treasure.  Looking.  And thinking.  It consumed him.
One night that old hermit went into a real dark cave looking for the treasure and suddenly there were two eyes glaring at him.  The old hermit reached out his hand and he touched something furry. 
It was a bear, and that bear bit the hermit's arm off!  The old hermit took out his knife with his other arm and he killed that bear.  And as he was stumbling around, trying to get out of the cave, through the blood and the sweat and the pain, he saw it.
He found the treasure. 
The old hermit took the treasure and he bought himself an arm to replace the one the bear had bit off. 
But it wasn't an ordinary arm. 
It was an arm made out of pure gold…
Many years later, when the old hermit died, a group of geocachers came by playing this new “game” of theirs.  Well wouldn’t you know, they came upon the old hermit’s cabin.  They figured this was just part of the fun, all part of the playing along, and this was their reward for being the “first to find” the cache.  And off they went with their golden arm prize to hang on the wall of their own home.
Well a strange thing happened.  When the townsfolk came to get the old hermit to bury him, he was gone. 
And a campfire burned just like it always had. 
Strange things happen around these parts now.  Folks say the old hermit is walking these woods to this very day, looking for his golden arm without which he can never be buried, without which he can never rest. 
And you can hear him at night.  You can hear him.  All night, you can hear him say,

“Whooooo?  Whoooooo?  Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
“Whooooo?  Whoooooo?  Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
“Whooooo?  Whoooooo?  Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
“Whooooo?  Whoooooo?  Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
“Whooooo? Whoooooo? Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
And they say it's just a game.
(As inspired from one of my favorite episodes from one of my favorite TV shows -



Hey, you said you wouldn't tell anyone!
Creepy raggedy hermit guy, spotted sleeping in the front lawn of a neighbor.
Seen again while bike riding at the dam.
These are two confirmed sightings of this dude.
Geocachers beware!
Love the story, great work!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wonderful story - I think we should hold our next CacheCrazy quarterly meeting in the cave. I'll bring the Lady Fingers....

BigAl said...

I'll bring the candles because flashlights and caves usually cause batteries to die just like in the cemetery. Great article, and we really need to do a night cache as a CC team.

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