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Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Can This Be?

By Big Al

How can this be? Today I want to look at two issues that are really bothering me about Geocaching.

The other day I get this email stating that a new cache has been published and it is near my house. I decide to check it out online. I get to the site and this is what I find: Three people have posted a DNF for this cache. So I decided to check out the CO. This person has no finds whatsoever. I mean naughta; the big goose egg; zippo, nothing even close to a cache find. How can this be? How can a person go out and hide a cache when he has not found any on his own. 

In my opinion this really sounds fishy. There was even a note posted about it. Isn't there something in the guidelines about finding some caches first before going out and hiding your own? I checked and the Guidelines on suggest that "The more geocaches that you have found, the better you will understand the various elements that make up a great geocaching experience. " Taken from site.

So last Saturday I took my son and one of his friends out to find some caches. I told them we were going to check this one out and see if there really was a cache there or not. We got there and sure enough we found it. The FTF was Pserine. Way to go P. So there is a cache there. I guess it was published before the cache was hidden. Hmm, I think there is something in the guidelines about that also, or should I say it is in the "how to hide a cache" post. 

Now the reason this bothers me is that it's not the first time that this has happened. I would think the reviewer would consider some things like this and maybe suggest to the CO that he find some caches before trying to hide one. I'll wait and see how long this cache will last where it is located. It seems there have been several caches in this park that have gotten muggled. That would really make me think about where I wanted to hide the cache. Now I'm not trying to slam the person who hid the cache. But what do you do? Should someone contact the person and talk with them about how to properly hide a cache? I don't know. Just something to consider. 

Now on to the next item. There is a cache I found in another state two years ago. The next time we were in the area I took my niece to find it and we could not find it. We chalked it up to just not being able to find it. Then several months later we were back again and I took my wife out there to find it. Guess what? You're right; we could not find it again. I really looked this time, but it was just not there. Now my wife logged it as a DNF and then I wrote a note about it. Mind you that numerous cachers have posted a DNF on it and a few notes were written too. How can this be? 

So here is my issue. How can someone have a cache placed and receive emails about it that it may be missing and not do anything at all about it? This bugs me because this was a really nice cache. I loved it. My daughter found one of the coolest figurines in it when she was with me. It was a really nice cowboy and horse. Well this bothered me enough that I wrote the owner again. Here is what the CO responded with; "I am currently out of town on business, I will check on the cache when I get back in town. If there is as much PI as everyone is claiming I will not check on the cache until we have had a good hard frost. In the mean time I will check with the property owner to see if he removed it. At one time he was not happy with cachers who were visitng the area as they were not following the rules." 

Okay so maybe the property owner removed it. I would have thought after a number of DNF posts the CO would have gone right out and checked it. I guess not though. Maybe I'm just being to hard nosed about this, but I've seen it around here too. There is nothing I detest more than to go searching out a cache just to have to log a DNF and then after getting home and checking it on I find out there are a number of DNF's for it and nothing being done about it by the CO. 
I don't have the opportunity to always check out a cache online before going after it when I'm on vacation and I'm using my preloaded caches on my GPS.

Okay, I've gotten that off of my chest. Now I can go on and have fun caching. I hope I have not offended anyone, but I just had to speak my mind. Thanks for listening. Happy caching.  


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I totally agree on both counts. We recently had a big discussion in the Chicago area about your first point. Personally, I think a person should have at least 50 finds before they can hide a cache. At least then you know they are somewhat serious about the game and have some time invested and have an idea of HOW to properly hide a cache. Somebody here with ZERO caching experience hid a cache and it was a baggie with a piece of notebook paper for a log and it was stuffed in a clump of tall grass in a flower bed at a park. What's the point of that?? That cache drew a lot of complaints. I have nothing against newbies placing hides per se, but I felt this person was just mocking the game and it was a waste of time to run out for a baggie stuffed into a bush.

Dave said...

There were a fair number of caches around my area that had the issues in your second point about lack of cache maintenance. I have taken an active role in dealing with the situation. What I do is on caches that have a lot of DNFs, and I am confident based on my own search that something is amiss, I post Needs Maintenance logs. If nothing is done in a month I post a Needs Archive log. I find most of this neglect comes from people who have moved away and are not around to maintain them anymore.

My efforts have lead to caches being archived, but it also led to other caches being adopted and put back into service, so I think a fair amount of good has come from it.

Don't be afraid to hit that Needs Maintenance or Needs Archive log entries when appropriate. They are useful tools.


It's OK Big Al, everyone needs a good bitch session now and then, even a mild mannered dude like you.
You have to at least find a few caches BEFORE you put anything out, I mean, come on. How do you know what your doing if you don't! A Reviewer should be sensitive to that don't you think? I mean,they have no trouble telling YOU "you have an agenda" for a fallen solder monument cache, the least they could do is question the legitimacy of a "first time, no finds" hide. Now that's being proactive and maybe asking too much?

I always "publicly bitch" at CO's who don't respond to multiple DNF's. I'm sure they hate me for that and it really bothers me that they do, NOT! It's a CO's responsibility to keep it maintained. And, if you're done playing, clean up your game and archive the page!Do the right thing, is that asking too much?

Don't get me started, you hit a soar spot with me, lol!

Dodger said...

There are a couple schools of thought on this...

I agree with Dave that NM and especially NA are under-utilized tools, but I think both methods have their places.

Yeah, I've seen a no-find-hider a couple of times. It is irritating, but, hey, I hid my first one after only like 10 finds so I guess I can't talk.

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