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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

WITCH TREE OF DRIFTON (Drifton, Luzerne County) There's some debate over which tree is the witch's own, but it's generally agreed to be on St. Ann’s Drive.  It got its name from the hideous form of the trunk, the direct result of the car crashes into it over the years, mostly from teenagers out for a joy ride - and for many, it was their last. Legend has it that touching the tree will bring the same fate as those who crashed into the tree.



(Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County)

In Colonial times in Wilkes-Barre, PA, there was a beautiful woman named Mary Worth who found herself in the unfortunate position of being an expecting, but unwed, mother.  The fact that Mary didn't seem to be bothered by her sin, and that she still seemed to capture the wandering glances of many of the men in the town, infuriated her Puritan neighbors.  When Mary had her baby, the townspeople stole it away from her.  Claiming that it was the spawn of Satan, they buried it alive as it flailed and screamed. The townsfolk then accused Mary of being in league with the devil and decided she must be burned as a witch.  Mary was dragged to the center of town and tied to a stake as the townsfolk beat and slashed her face with the sticks that they would use to burn her.  One woman held a mirror up to Mary's face, taunting her to look and see how she was no longer beautiful, she was dirty, and broken, and bloody. "Bloody Mary" she called her, and as the pyre was lit and the flames began to climb, the crowd chanted the name over and over again.  Mary screamed as the flames licked her legs and her thighs, and as the acrid smell of burning flesh filled the air, the crowd became hushed.  In the lull, Mary cursed the townspeople for what they had done and claimed she would visit vengeance upon them and all of their future generations, they would know the anguish they had put her through.  As the flames climbed higher, the form that had been Mary Worth began to disappear, but the last words of the curse lingered in the ears of the townspeople, seemingly echoing off of the surrounding trees and buildings. Then, suddenly and without explanation, the mirror that had been held up to Mary's face shattered, slicing the hand of the woman who had initially taunted her.  About a week later, the woman fell ill and died.  Soon after, many of the townspeople who had taunted Mary began to meet with ill fated deaths, all in rooms with broken mirrors.  It is said, that Mary still seeks vengeance to this day.  All you have to do conjure her is to light a dark room with a candle, stand in front of a mirror, and say the name "Bloody Mary" five times in succession. Her face will appear in the mirror in front of you, and if you are descended from one of the townspeople that taunted her, or if she believes that you are taunting her, she will reach through the mirror and slash your face as hers was, or break the mirror cutting you all over, or, she may even pull you into the mirror with her so that you will never be seen again...


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