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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

MT. AIRY LODGE (Swiftwater, Monroe County) The Lodge was Emil Wagner's pride and joy.  His aunt and uncle brought him over to the Poconos in the 1950s from Czechoslovakia to help run their hotel, and in short time he had bought a majority stake. It had all the Pocono biggies entertain there, and in the 1970s he expanded by adding the Stricklands Inn and the Pocono Gardens to the resort holdings. That was Emil's downfall.  He was overextended just as the local tourist business turned sour, and in 1999 they had a sheriff's sale of the place and auctioned off its' stuff in 2003.  He shot himself before the sheriff's sale, not being able to bear the ignomy of losing his beloved Mt. Airy.  It's said his spook can be heard in the early morning hours in the dining room.  The headliner spook, though, was the lady in Room 7664.  She's the spirit of a woman whose husband murdered her in the honeymoon suite and Mt. Airy's most famous haunt.  Another renowned spook is the spirit of a man that drowned in the Pocono Gardens pool, a part of Mt. Airy.  He haunted the pool area and nearby rooms, and even moved the decorative statuary around.  The resort complex was torn down in 2005 and replaced by the Mt. Airy Casino Resort, which won a state slots license.  We'll soon see how spooks and one-armed bandits mix.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love those old fashioned Pocono's type resorts - so Dirty Dancing you know. Too bad so many of them are gone now. I hope the spooks haunt the casinos.

Davis Patch said...

Old pictures

Henry Gilmore said...

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Brian Garcia said...

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