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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

BANSHEE PUB (Scranton, Lackawanna County) The Penn Avenue pub is famous for its Irish ambiance.  But during the 1918 flu epidemic, the then dry goods store was commandeered as a makeshift morgue, its basement filled with corpses claimed by the disease.  As its website explains: "Some people have said that The Banshee haunted.  So if you see the old man dressed in black sitting in a snug, or a young girl climbing the stairs to the second floor, take ease in your knowledge that you are not alone in your sighting, and know that they mean you no harm. They are only looking to share in the atmosphere of The Banshee, and besides, they were here first!"  And hey, what's an Irish Pub without a spirit or three?


BigAl said...

Scary. I'll have to tell my son to read this one because he likes to go to this place. I wonder if he ever knew. Thanks.

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