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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

THE BLUE BEETLE BUG (Penn State-Hazelton, Luzerne County) This story comes from the campus of Penn State Hazelton and was reported by the security staff. As the story goes, in the early hours of doing security rounds on the campus, a blue VW Beetle raced from the back end of the campus in an area generally where there are no cars. The Beetle sped around the sharp curves of the campus with two security guards in pursuit, unable to catch up to the car. Attempts to locate the car on campus were futile when it appeared again - coming right at the security vehicle! Enough was enough, and the security guards stood their ground in their vehicle, blocking the Bug.  The Beetle passed right through them. Back at the security office, their sighting was confirmed when another officer came in furious that he was almost run over by a speeding blue Volkswagen. A spectral joyride?


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