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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Father Son Trip

By Big AL

This last week my oldest son Paul got out of the Air Force. He is coming back home to PA and then going back to college. For a few weeks I'll be posting some articles about our trip from TX to PA and the memories we created along the way.

Today I'd like to introduce him to you. I mentioned his name is Paul, but he is also known to the caching world as LittleBigAL1985. While I was in the Air Force I was known as Big AL. When Paul came along all of the guys I worked with started calling him Little Big AL

Well you guessed it his nickname stuck like glue. Paul was born in Rome, NY while I was in the Air Force. He grew up in upstate NY and then we moved down to PA and started homeschooling our kids. This was a fun endeavor. I give praise to my wife for all of her hard work of teaching our kids at home.

Paul was our first graduate. Since then we have graduated out two more and we still have two to go. After a short spell at a college in Ohio, he joined the AF like his dad, and off to TX he went. He spent his time in the AF in Military Intelligence. (I think that's an oxymoron). He has spent time in Korea, Iraq, and somewhere he cannot say or he'd have to kill us. (He hates it when I say that.) LOL. His time in the AF consisted of working on Special Projects. Now that he is out of the AF, and moving back home for a while, my wife will have some Special Projects for him as well. LOL.

Please join us each week as Big Al and LittleAl make some great memories traveling and caching together.


Erika Jean said...

Thanks for your service LittleAL! Can't wait to hear about the father/son adventures.


Welcome home Paul! If you're half the man your father is, you'll do alright. I know your family is happy to have you home. Enjoy some down time, you've earned it.
God bless and thank you for my freedom.
I can't wait to see and read about this adventure!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Welcome home and thank you for your service. I have great respect for the men and women of our military.

smithie23 said...

Welcome home LittleAL, and thanks for what you do! I'm looking forward to your stories.

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