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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Geocaching

By Bloodhounded
There really is no better time of the year to geocache here in the north east part of the country than fall. The air is cool, the colors are beautiful and there are no bugs! I had to make some plans to do some caching no matter how busy things were, I just had to. So, today with everyone going in different directions in my home, Andie (my 10 year old daughter) and I managed to get out for a few hours and enjoy a wonderful morning of fall geocaching. Come along as I tell you a little bit about the adventure.

Meet the diabolical daughter of Bloodhounded, Andie. When it comes to geocaching, she takes it on like she does most everything, with excitement, fun and enthusiasm. When it comes to geocache hides however, she likes to make them tough and, find the tough ones' too. She is awesome and one of the most important people in my life.

This is a short journal of how the events unfolded. We had a great day and it's worth mentioning that the day overall was a win for my whole family. Read on and you'll see what I mean.

Sunday Morning, 10/16/2011

7:00AM post first coffee
My wife and daughter were off to a race at Penn State University, my son looking forward to sleeping in and then there was Andie and I, we had some very important preparations to do. After all, we were going geocaching and were like two kids on Christmas morning.

8:00AM all set to go
Out the door and off to The Seven Tubs Nature Area in Bear Creek, Pa. There is an EarthCache there and several excellent geocaches. The EarthCache focuses on the seven bowl shaped erosion pools between waterfalls carved into the landscape. The crevice is deep and wide and was made over an unimaginable time of the creek running strong and down the mountain. It's a geological treasure, owned by the county and open to geocaching as public land for passive recreation. We had two caches in our sights that offered a brisk 3 mile hike on moderate terrain and in some areas the trails would be somewhat dangerous with the drop offs of over 70 feet just off the trail.

8:40AM what a beautiful day
Although the air was cool, even chilly if you will, the sun shined strong and quickly warmed us up. We decided to head for Pink Bracelets first as it had the neatest portion of the hike and we wanted to get right to the fun stuff. Spectacular colored leaves, wonderful water falls and great company made the extreme portions of the trail bearable. We sang and laughed and held on to each other in places that looked a little too wild for both of us and we weren't afraid to admit it.

9:30AM we found it
Andie was on this cache like a dog on a bone. It brought us to a place where a man made drainage tunnel guided the water to a safe drainage area and was built from stone. Pretty cool, you can't see through it because it took a sharp left into nowhere. Andie took one of the many pink bracelets and put it on, we traded some fun swag a signed the log. Time to move on to our next adventure on the other side of the creek, if we can cross it?

10:00AM on familiar ground
The path that we traveled was very familiar to both of us. We played here before and on that day waded shallow water with our pants rolled up catching crayfish. Today however, we were on a mission and the water was flowing strong and high. We were treated to clear path and level land which was welcomed after our somewhat rugged trail filled with trip ups. Andie takes control of the GPS'r and I do a little training. She was so good at it that in no time at all we had Guinness and Zoey's Jackpot Cache in hand. Andie took the honors to open it up and there was all kinds of neat things in there. We explored the cache, hid it well and headed back to the car.

10:25AM Oh boy, I should have known
 Right about now we were hiking back to my car and my state of "awe" was shattered by my little girl saying things I just couldn't believed would come out of a little Catholic school girls mouth. She was reading the many "slang names" for breasts that were imprinted on her newly found bracelet. I knew it was a cache that referenced the support of breast cancer awareness, but I didn't think that "those terms" were appropriate for a little girl. We laughed so hard and latter she gave the bracelet to her older sister.

11:00AM just a few more
We were near a few newer caches that were park and grabs mostly but two of them were pretty cool. One of them even had a Munzee in it and I captured my first one today! It was fun and cool to see how automated the process was. You scan the damn thing and it tells you all about it and even gives you an option to write some notes to a log. It was very much like geocaching  in the 21st century in my mind and a glimpse of where we are heading.

12:00noon Home
We completed four hours of caching and found seven caches, a Munzee and a deeper appreciation for our relationship and the need to spend quality time with the ones you love. All in all, it was a great day! Dawn ran her second fastest time in the 5K, Steph took second place in her division and her fastest time, Mike nailed a part in Sweeney Todd (as Beetle) at a local theater production and Andie and I found more than just geocaches, we found a few hours to build a memory that we can share forever!

Go make some memories of your own, go geocaching this fall with someone you love.
You'll be happy you did!
Have fun and cache crazy........

These guys won't be going anywhere this fall as domestics don't migrate
That's fine by me


Erika Jean said...

Looks like some great father-daughter bonding time! beautiful scenery.

BigAl said...

Kevin, I loved the article. It's great that you are building memories with your daughter. I am currently in VA traveling back from TX with my son and we are building memories as we ride along. Thankfully the truckers aren't too bad and we are making good time. Be back soon.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wonderful post. I'd love to be caching with that scenery - its breathtaking. I bet Andie had more fun than you can imagine.

Shell said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm heading out to G&J Jackpot to replace the container with an ammo can and brand new puppy goodies. Sorry if it was a wreck! It's tough getting out for maintenance with 2 rambunctious boys and a newborn. lol

Shell said...

G&Z* good grief.


Actually the cache was OK. The log was dry, it was hidden well, there were a few pretty neat things in there. If your putting out a replacement you may want to use the hot pink pug shaped notepad we let as swag (dog related). Andie's first solo cache! Yay!!!
Your being too hard on yourself. Compared to some of the trash out there that baby was golden. THANKS for caring so much! My kind of CO.

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