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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Faceless Lady

Author Unknown

This story takes place near London England. Where else should a ghost story come from, but the most haunted place on Earth. 

Here is the setting. It's very dark outside and the fog is beginning to roll in. You look over the hillside and watch trees and fields disappear in the fog. Then the houses and buildings disappear under its shadow. You feel it closing in on you and you know tonight is really going to be creepy.

You're now at work and getting ready to leave one military base and go to another one where you'll be working for the entire third shift. It's also known as the GRAVEYARD shift.

You're in a military van heading to another base with 5 other guys. All of you know that as you leave the back gate there is a little town you must drive through to get to your final destination. The place is called Butley Village. You've been told many stories about this little town and now is your first time driving through it. What great things now await you as you drive along.

The guys begin relating a story to you about a lady who was not very well liked in the village. She always rode a bicycle around town. One day while riding her bike a big lorry

                                          (England's version of a truck)

hit her and she was thrown from the bike. When the guy got out he went over to her and immediately noticed her face was badly damaged. It was really grotesque. He ran to the nearest telephone box and called for help.

                                                   Telephone Box

When the Bobbies got there they went with the guy to the accident site but they could not find the lady nor her bicycle. They saw the damage to his lorry, but there was no lady. The guy swore he had really hit someone. They said they could not help him if there was no body and so they left. The guy got in his lorry and left too.

Now they say that on foggy nights you can sometimes see this lady riding her bike along the road. She's been known to run people off of the road and cause accidents; some of them were even fatal to the occupants of the cars. Those who have lived to tell about it say they saw a lady riding a bike and as they passed her they noticed she had no face.

So now as you continue to drive along to your base you look ahead in the fog and you see what appears to be a lady riding a bicycle. What do you do? Do you look as you pass by, or do you just look straight ahead and tell yourself "I'm not looking because I know she has a face?" Who will know?...

We did not look. Oops! I let the cat out of the bag. I was driving, and are you kidding, us look?  What did you expect me to say? We still had to work the full night shift. I guess we'll never know if she had a face or not.

                                          My British Car

I will tell you that the next week I had a friend with me and as we were driving my British car (steering wheel on the right side) through Butley Village we approached the area where we saw the lady, and my car died. We tried everything, but it would not start. We pushed my car through the intersection and as we left the village I tried again and it started right up. Creepy, I tell you, creepy. After that incident I never had a problem with my car again.

So if you're ever in England, especially Butley Village, beware of the Faceless Lady. She's lurking out there looking for new victims to run off of the road.



For some reason I was reading this post to myself in a British accent. Great story and real life encounter. I think we all have a ghost to tell.
Nice work Big Al!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Good job Al. I actually believe this.......

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