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Sunday, October 30, 2011

CacheCrazy.Com Halloween Parade of Pooches

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

WITCH TREE OF DRIFTON (Drifton, Luzerne County) There's some debate over which tree is the witch's own, but it's generally agreed to be on St. Ann’s Drive.  It got its name from the hideous form of the trunk, the direct result of the car crashes into it over the years, mostly from teenagers out for a joy ride - and for many, it was their last. Legend has it that touching the tree will bring the same fate as those who crashed into the tree.



(Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County)

In Colonial times in Wilkes-Barre, PA, there was a beautiful woman named Mary Worth who found herself in the unfortunate position of being an expecting, but unwed, mother.  The fact that Mary didn't seem to be bothered by her sin, and that she still seemed to capture the wandering glances of many of the men in the town, infuriated her Puritan neighbors.  When Mary had her baby, the townspeople stole it away from her.  Claiming that it was the spawn of Satan, they buried it alive as it flailed and screamed. The townsfolk then accused Mary of being in league with the devil and decided she must be burned as a witch.  Mary was dragged to the center of town and tied to a stake as the townsfolk beat and slashed her face with the sticks that they would use to burn her.  One woman held a mirror up to Mary's face, taunting her to look and see how she was no longer beautiful, she was dirty, and broken, and bloody. "Bloody Mary" she called her, and as the pyre was lit and the flames began to climb, the crowd chanted the name over and over again.  Mary screamed as the flames licked her legs and her thighs, and as the acrid smell of burning flesh filled the air, the crowd became hushed.  In the lull, Mary cursed the townspeople for what they had done and claimed she would visit vengeance upon them and all of their future generations, they would know the anguish they had put her through.  As the flames climbed higher, the form that had been Mary Worth began to disappear, but the last words of the curse lingered in the ears of the townspeople, seemingly echoing off of the surrounding trees and buildings. Then, suddenly and without explanation, the mirror that had been held up to Mary's face shattered, slicing the hand of the woman who had initially taunted her.  About a week later, the woman fell ill and died.  Soon after, many of the townspeople who had taunted Mary began to meet with ill fated deaths, all in rooms with broken mirrors.  It is said, that Mary still seeks vengeance to this day.  All you have to do conjure her is to light a dark room with a candle, stand in front of a mirror, and say the name "Bloody Mary" five times in succession. Her face will appear in the mirror in front of you, and if you are descended from one of the townspeople that taunted her, or if she believes that you are taunting her, she will reach through the mirror and slash your face as hers was, or break the mirror cutting you all over, or, she may even pull you into the mirror with her so that you will never be seen again...

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

 THE STONE COUCH (Eckley, Luzerne County) On the side of Buck Mountain Road near Eckley Miner's Village sits a white stone slab that seems by all appearances to be a roadside sofa.  But think twice before you rest your weary bones on the Stone Couch. The legend is that if you sit on it once, bad luck will befall you.  Sit on it twice, and someone you know will die.  Sit on it a third time, and you will die.


WHITE HAVEN CENTER (White Haven, Luzerne County) The old county sanitarium, built in 1901, was taken over by the state in 1956 to use as a mental health annex for nearby Pennhurst State School. It was closed in the 1960s. There are several phenomena associated with the grounds, including the sighting of ghostly shadows and mists along with the usual spooky sounds of old, empty hospital buildings. But it has an urban legend connected to it. Steal something from one of the deserted buildings, and you'll die! We guess ghosts really like their stuff, although we'd suspect the custodians of spreading this rumor more than the ghastly vengeance of ripped-off spooks

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

BANSHEE PUB (Scranton, Lackawanna County) The Penn Avenue pub is famous for its Irish ambiance.  But during the 1918 flu epidemic, the then dry goods store was commandeered as a makeshift morgue, its basement filled with corpses claimed by the disease.  As its website explains: "Some people have said that The Banshee haunted.  So if you see the old man dressed in black sitting in a snug, or a young girl climbing the stairs to the second floor, take ease in your knowledge that you are not alone in your sighting, and know that they mean you no harm. They are only looking to share in the atmosphere of The Banshee, and besides, they were here first!"  And hey, what's an Irish Pub without a spirit or three?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

THE BLUE BEETLE BUG (Penn State-Hazelton, Luzerne County) This story comes from the campus of Penn State Hazelton and was reported by the security staff. As the story goes, in the early hours of doing security rounds on the campus, a blue VW Beetle raced from the back end of the campus in an area generally where there are no cars. The Beetle sped around the sharp curves of the campus with two security guards in pursuit, unable to catch up to the car. Attempts to locate the car on campus were futile when it appeared again - coming right at the security vehicle! Enough was enough, and the security guards stood their ground in their vehicle, blocking the Bug.  The Beetle passed right through them. Back at the security office, their sighting was confirmed when another officer came in furious that he was almost run over by a speeding blue Volkswagen. A spectral joyride?

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

MT. AIRY LODGE (Swiftwater, Monroe County) The Lodge was Emil Wagner's pride and joy.  His aunt and uncle brought him over to the Poconos in the 1950s from Czechoslovakia to help run their hotel, and in short time he had bought a majority stake. It had all the Pocono biggies entertain there, and in the 1970s he expanded by adding the Stricklands Inn and the Pocono Gardens to the resort holdings. That was Emil's downfall.  He was overextended just as the local tourist business turned sour, and in 1999 they had a sheriff's sale of the place and auctioned off its' stuff in 2003.  He shot himself before the sheriff's sale, not being able to bear the ignomy of losing his beloved Mt. Airy.  It's said his spook can be heard in the early morning hours in the dining room.  The headliner spook, though, was the lady in Room 7664.  She's the spirit of a woman whose husband murdered her in the honeymoon suite and Mt. Airy's most famous haunt.  Another renowned spook is the spirit of a man that drowned in the Pocono Gardens pool, a part of Mt. Airy.  He haunted the pool area and nearby rooms, and even moved the decorative statuary around.  The resort complex was torn down in 2005 and replaced by the Mt. Airy Casino Resort, which won a state slots license.  We'll soon see how spooks and one-armed bandits mix.

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

HARVEY'S LAKE HORSES (Harvey's Lake, Luzerne County) The road circling Harvey’s Lake is lined with picturesque cottages and old time charm. The local lore concerns horses that drowned while harvesting ice on the lake and dates back the early 20th century. It's said that the horses fell through the ice into the frigid depths of the lake. Legend has it that the sudden shock and instant death due to the frigid water is why the spirit of the horses still appear on the lake; they never had time to realize they were headed to greener pastures and so continue on, as they did in life.  Their bodies were never recovered from the depths of the lake. Sightings generally occur during the late evening hours as the sun sets and the temperature changes, causing both fog and mist to appear on the lake. Fog or spooks?  We're betting on the horses. 

Halloween Weekend Tales on Fright Week CacheCrazy.Com

It's been a screaming good time so far this week and I know you're dying to see the last living days of Fright Week! But, don't lose your head, we still have three days to go. 
I know the suspense is killing you!

The tales you are about to read will be release throughout the weekend and are all confirmed weirdness in the general are of CacheCrazy.Com's World Headquarters here in Northeast Pennsylvania, USA. The area is rich in history and lore. Join me for some Halloween Weekend Tales as we look into 
BIGFOOT magazine.


The Suscon Screamer

Underneath the former Susquehanna Railroad Bridge (also known as Boo-Boo Bridge or The Black Bridge) that once crossed Suscon Road lurks the legendary Suscon Screamer.

There's many a tale speculating just whose apparition haunts the area. One story has it spooked by the ghost of a woman jilted at the altar who with a loud scream hung herself from the bridge. Another says she was a teen killed on her prom night who's still trying to hitch a ride home. Yet another says it's a mother and child who died in a car crash while rushing to the local hospital. One more claims that it's cursed by the ghost of a girl that escaped from an insane asylum and leaped to her death off the bridge, landing in the traffic below.

Whichever version you prefer, a spectral lady has been spotted floating about in the nearby woods surrounding Suscon Road, scaring the pants off of generations of local spook seekers.

Then again, some say it's not a human's spirit that haunts Suscon at all. Some believe the eerie sound is the roar of a lion that escaped from a traveling circus (or maybe its leonine spook after all these years.) Others say it's a half human, half pig swamp monster arising from the bogs.

A Times Leader newspaper story said that a hunter was in a tree stand off of Suscon Road when he heard something coming up over the hill. Then he heard another hunter in the next tree start screaming. That hunter jumped from his stand and ran. Then our hero spotted the creature through his binoculars.

He described him to the paper as “Being about 6' long with a long snout. It weighed about 200 pounds and was gray in color. It had webbed feet with long claws and had a huge head”. The hunter refused to take the Game Commissioner back to the site because he was too frightened. The man also said “The ground was clawed up as if 100 turkeys had gone through”. He told the officer that he was sure it wasn’t a bear or a coyote; it was a “Monster”.

In May of 1976 a family had a different encounter of the spooky kind with an odd creature. They were visiting a nearby lake and saw a family of four, 6' tall, hairy critters looking a lot like Bigfeet wandering around. Maybe it's a Suscon Sasquatch.

Whatever it is, it's supposed to have the most piercing, ear splitting shriek in all of spookdom. Just honk your horn three times when you get under the old bridge site if you need proof. According to local lore, a spirit will appear a'screaming.

One final urban legend. There's supposed to be 18 streetlights on Suscon Road. Eleven are always out - and every night, it's a different eleven.

Don't limit yourself to the old Boo-Boo bridge site. There are a couple of tales specific to it, but the Screamer and at least one apparition have been reported roaming the general Suscon Road area. So keep your eyes open. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Eastern State Penitentiary

When I was younger I used to love going to haunted houses, and on haunted hayrides.  My dad, who regularly let my sister and I stay up late and night to watch horror movies, would take us to these seasonal exhibits.  My mom, not the biggest fan of the scary and ghouly, stayed on the sidelines.  In my teenage years, trips with my dad were replaced by nights out with friends to these places.

Haunted houses lost their appeal, to me, as an adult.  It was one of those things where you know what to expect, you know what can and can't happen, and as a result, they seemed to be increasingly anticlimactic.  That is, until I visited Eastern State Penitentiary.

For those unfamiliar, Eastern State Penitentiary is a former prison located in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.  ESP was active up until 1971.  Among its famous tenants were bank robber Willie Sutton and gangster Al Capone.

I toured Eastern State Penitentiary for the first time in the fall of 2002.  I was skeptical of what I would see.  Sure, it's an old prison and all, but beyond that, how scary could it really be?  You know the actors can't touch you, so there is nothing in there that "gonna getcha."  Lame-O!

Boy, was I in store for the unexpected.

We drove to the prison from my home at the time in nearby Exton, PA.  Approaching the prison, I just had an eerie feeling come over me.  As stood across the street, purchasing our tickets to the "Terror Behind The Walls" exhibit, as it is known, we gazed at the old structure, lit up in the night sky by floodlights.  The light mist which was falling that night created a slight fog as it bounced back of the lights.  We stood in line, and watched the video monitors, which outlined a history of the prison, and what to expect once we got inside.  We could hear the screams of the brave souls inside on the tour, obviously getting a lot more than they bargained for!

After standing outside for a good 30 minutes in the crisp, cool October air, we made our way to the front door.  Walking inside was like a step back in time.  The prison looked as it probably always did.  The old bricks with (presumably lead) paint chipping away.  The place had that old musty stench to it.  Noises echoed off the cathedral type ceilings.

There was not much light to be found during the tour.  Many of the cells were lit, for effect, with blacklight.  We were shuffled through cell blocks, with the fictitious pleas for help and mercy coming from places unseen to us.  We passed by the cell where Al Capone once lived.  At one point, the men and women were separated, and the women taken off to a separate section for additional torment.

To me, the "haunted house" aspect of the tour was outdone by the facility itself.  There was a lot of history here.  It was like exploring an abandoned building, only in an organized format.  I felt like a kid again, except it wasn't what I saw and heard.  It was the unknown.  I was taken aback by how creepy the place was.  One could only imagine what went on behind those walls.  How many prisoners drew their final breath there?

It is well documented that Eastern State Penitentiary is haunted.  Several television shows on the paranormal have visited the prison, in an attempt to film, and see firsthand, the ghosts and spirits which allegedly reside there to this day.

Naturally, since Eastern State Penitentiary is a really cool place, there has to be a cache there.  All cool locations need caches!  GCVJ8M-Big House, by GadzuCrew, is a micro located near the prison.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Faceless Lady

Author Unknown

This story takes place near London England. Where else should a ghost story come from, but the most haunted place on Earth. 

Here is the setting. It's very dark outside and the fog is beginning to roll in. You look over the hillside and watch trees and fields disappear in the fog. Then the houses and buildings disappear under its shadow. You feel it closing in on you and you know tonight is really going to be creepy.

You're now at work and getting ready to leave one military base and go to another one where you'll be working for the entire third shift. It's also known as the GRAVEYARD shift.

You're in a military van heading to another base with 5 other guys. All of you know that as you leave the back gate there is a little town you must drive through to get to your final destination. The place is called Butley Village. You've been told many stories about this little town and now is your first time driving through it. What great things now await you as you drive along.

The guys begin relating a story to you about a lady who was not very well liked in the village. She always rode a bicycle around town. One day while riding her bike a big lorry

                                          (England's version of a truck)

hit her and she was thrown from the bike. When the guy got out he went over to her and immediately noticed her face was badly damaged. It was really grotesque. He ran to the nearest telephone box and called for help.

                                                   Telephone Box

When the Bobbies got there they went with the guy to the accident site but they could not find the lady nor her bicycle. They saw the damage to his lorry, but there was no lady. The guy swore he had really hit someone. They said they could not help him if there was no body and so they left. The guy got in his lorry and left too.

Now they say that on foggy nights you can sometimes see this lady riding her bike along the road. She's been known to run people off of the road and cause accidents; some of them were even fatal to the occupants of the cars. Those who have lived to tell about it say they saw a lady riding a bike and as they passed her they noticed she had no face.

So now as you continue to drive along to your base you look ahead in the fog and you see what appears to be a lady riding a bicycle. What do you do? Do you look as you pass by, or do you just look straight ahead and tell yourself "I'm not looking because I know she has a face?" Who will know?...

We did not look. Oops! I let the cat out of the bag. I was driving, and are you kidding, us look?  What did you expect me to say? We still had to work the full night shift. I guess we'll never know if she had a face or not.

                                          My British Car

I will tell you that the next week I had a friend with me and as we were driving my British car (steering wheel on the right side) through Butley Village we approached the area where we saw the lady, and my car died. We tried everything, but it would not start. We pushed my car through the intersection and as we left the village I tried again and it started right up. Creepy, I tell you, creepy. After that incident I never had a problem with my car again.

So if you're ever in England, especially Butley Village, beware of the Faceless Lady. She's lurking out there looking for new victims to run off of the road.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fright Week - Scary Roads!!

By: Kim@SnugHarborBay

Welcome to Fright Week!

If you dare........ join me on a trip down a few Scary Roads........

What would you do on a dark night while billowing clouds march slowly across a shining, full moon?

The kind of night where the wind howls and blows the trees so frantically that their leaves rain down like colored snow…. The type of night where creatures scurry in the darkness just beyond your line of sight, dogs howl and red eyes glow thru the blackness….. If you’re out in the middle of who-knows-where, with a bunch of people toting flashlights and GPS’ers, then you must be geocaching. And that’s exactly what 7 of us were doing last weekend as we attempted the Scary Roads multi-cache.

Scary Roads is a multi stage cache and it has to be done in the dark. The first stage co-ordinates take you to a dark and deserted back road, far out in the country. Plus, its directly in front of a cemetery. A cursory glance at the cemetery reveals no ghosts or goblins and we make a few wisecracks about Halloween and restless Spirits. From there we piled out of our car and began swinging our flashlights around until we located a fire tack on a light pole. A fire tack's about the size of a thumbtack and when a light hits it, it will glow and reflect back at you.

We quickly found the first fire tack and from that point started searching for a cache container. Off in the distance we could hear a dog howling. At least we hoped it was a dog howling….Once we found the cache container, we opened it up, got the directions to the next stage, and collected a clue for later on. 

It’s hard to read from the photo, but you need to remember that the message at the first stage warned us about orbs of light, mysterious electrical malfunctions, strange vehicles patrolling the roads, eerie howls and cries, and eyes peering out at us from the dark.

Climbing back into the car, we pulled out onto the road and as we drove towards stage 2, we noticed headlights in the rear view mirror and watched as a vehicle pulled out from the cemetery and followed behind us. Slowly at first, and then picking up speed, the car was quickly gaining on us. Louie stepped on the gas and mumbled something about the ghost following us, and each of us turned and stared out the rear window as the car pulled up within 20 feet of us. That car stayed directly behind us for about 2 blocks, then suddenly slammed on its brakes, skidded to a stop, and just sat there, in the middle of the road. We sped along, eager to put some distance between us and him, until gradually his headlights faded away. What the heck was that all about?

We rounded a corner and arrived at stage 2, where we again scampered around in the dark, looking for the fire tack. We found the cache, read the note and gathered another clue. As we were replacing the cache we heard the distinct hoot of an owl from somewhere behind us. Mary and I both looked at each other at the same time and asked, “Did you hear that?” As we headed back to the car, the moon was shining brightly overhead and there was a strange, single light shining down the road.

No ghosts or mysterious cars followed us as we headed off for stage 3.

At stage 3 we found the next clue. In order to not spoil it, let’s just say the cache consisted of something that had to do with a pair of glowing red eyes. We got another clue, and we had to decrypt a message.

On to stage 4, which was my favorite stage. We parked next to a bunch of huge rocks and one was splattered with something that looked an awful lot like blood.   Look closely at the middle boulder.

Just beyond that there were giant boulders placed like steps, leading up a hill to the remains of an old building foundation. Slowly we picked our way through the brush and climbed the steps.

I kicked something that looked like a skull, which went flying thru the air towards Chablis and Nicki. I screamed “skull,” they thought I yelled “skunk,” and the 2 of them went shrieking back to the car. I can’t tell you what Mary saw, but her face should say a lot!

The cache and codes we needed were soon in hand and we were on our way to stage 5 after Chablis and I stopped long enough to take a phooning picture.

At stage 5 we found a lockbox......

....... and a severed hand, which I will not show you. Just as I was going through the lockbox and writing down our next clue, my flashlight went out. I gave it a shake, wiggled the on/off switch a couple of times, slammed it against my hand, opened it up and shook the batteries - nothing. My flashlight, which I had inserted brand new batteries into before we left that night, was dead. Enough said! Suddenly the cryptic message at stage 1 was becoming more and more realistic! Tom grabbed our code clue and we high tailed it out of there.

The 6th and final stage was interesting for many reasons.

We found the spot where the final cache was supposed to be hidden.

Mary, Chablis and I all circled the area, moving leaves, sticks and brush. No cache. Just then headlights appeared in the distance and a white pick-up truck rolled up, stopped, and the elderly driver leaned his head out the window and asked what we were looking for. We told him we were on a scavenger hunt and he just nodded his head and slowly drove off. Nicky, Chablis and I crossed the road, thinking the final co-ordinates might be off a little. We scampered up a hill, squeezed thru a fence and ran right into a huge headstone. Apparently we were in another cemetery. I veered off into the woods along the western property line while Chablis and Nicki cautiously moved among the headstones, looking for anything that might be the cache. I finished searching the wooded area and went to meet them back by the cemetery. Nicki was standing and shining her flashlight into the darkness. “What the heck is that?” she asked. It looked like a house window with a light on, so I slapped her hand down and whispered “That might be a house, don’t shine your light at it.” But when we looked back up, the light had disappeared.

Everyone else was still on the road searching for the final cache, so we re-joined them. We pulled out our notebooks and compared notes, doing some quick figuring to be sure we had calculated everything correctly. No mistakes, so we were in the right spot. We all headed back to where the co-ords put us. Lou Jr. walked up, bent over, picked up the cache and asked, “Is this what you’re looking for?” Really??? I’m telling you, it was not there when Mary, Chablis and I had looked earlier. I swear!

We opened the cache and signed the log, happy that we had finished the cache without too much difficulty. Well, not much difficulty if you don’t count the howling dog, the hooting owl, 2 mysterious vehicles, one strange green light, glowing eyes, a severed hand, and a dead flashlight….. Just like the message at the first stage had predicted……. And oh, yeah, Sweet dreams….. We saw this little message as we replaced the final cache……

So here we are, the happy bunch after a fun evening. Be sure to scroll all the way down......

Here's the last picture of the night. Can you see the green apparition??? In the middle, bottom of the picture. I promise you, it’s there!

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Was it You?

They said they were just having fun. 
They said it didn’t hurt anybody.
They said it’s just a game.
Some game...
Many years ago, in these very woods around the Francis Walter Dam, there lived a hermit and they say buried right here in these woods was an old treasure left behind from the old coal mining days.  Some say it was from a Wells Fargo stage.  Others say some miners robbed one of the barons.  Nobody knows for sure, but that didn't stop folks from seeking that treasure, especially the old hermit.
That old hermit used to look for that buried treasure almost every waking moment.  Day and night he looked.  And when he didn’t look, he’d sit by his campfire and think about that treasure.  Looking.  And thinking.  It consumed him.
One night that old hermit went into a real dark cave looking for the treasure and suddenly there were two eyes glaring at him.  The old hermit reached out his hand and he touched something furry. 
It was a bear, and that bear bit the hermit's arm off!  The old hermit took out his knife with his other arm and he killed that bear.  And as he was stumbling around, trying to get out of the cave, through the blood and the sweat and the pain, he saw it.
He found the treasure. 
The old hermit took the treasure and he bought himself an arm to replace the one the bear had bit off. 
But it wasn't an ordinary arm. 
It was an arm made out of pure gold…
Many years later, when the old hermit died, a group of geocachers came by playing this new “game” of theirs.  Well wouldn’t you know, they came upon the old hermit’s cabin.  They figured this was just part of the fun, all part of the playing along, and this was their reward for being the “first to find” the cache.  And off they went with their golden arm prize to hang on the wall of their own home.
Well a strange thing happened.  When the townsfolk came to get the old hermit to bury him, he was gone. 
And a campfire burned just like it always had. 
Strange things happen around these parts now.  Folks say the old hermit is walking these woods to this very day, looking for his golden arm without which he can never be buried, without which he can never rest. 
And you can hear him at night.  You can hear him.  All night, you can hear him say,

“Whooooo?  Whoooooo?  Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
“Whooooo?  Whoooooo?  Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
“Whooooo?  Whoooooo?  Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
“Whooooo?  Whoooooo?  Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
“Whooooo? Whoooooo? Whoooo stole my golden arm?”
And they say it's just a game.
(As inspired from one of my favorite episodes from one of my favorite TV shows -


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