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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wildlife Encounter

Dodger here with a story for you from a September day several years ago.  I decided to share since the changing of seasons has dredged up the memory.  Enjoy this true tale of a man-wildlife encounter...

It was a Saturday, around 2 or so, and I decided to take my English Setter Trapper for a walk before some friends would arrive for the kickoff of the Penn State-Notre Dame football game.  It was a pleasant weekend afternoon and the dog needed some exercise anyway.

We took off on our jaunt, leisurely strolling along the well-maintained lawn that follows the Army Corps access road to the Francis Walter Dam.  Both Trapper and I were enjoying the fine day, both content in our thoughts.

After some time, I noticed a patch of milkweeds growing in the taller brush off into the woods.  As you know, milkweeds are an important food source for the monarch caterpillar.  The Bloodhounded kids collected a few of these critters in a jar for our family so that we could enjoy their transformation into beautiful butterflies.  I decided to venture into the woods to gather a few leaves so that I could feed our temporary pets.

Since I didn't want to drag the leash and Trapper through this heavy growth, I had him sit patiently in the lawn.  I had just about picked a handful of the milkweed leaves when I heard the unmistakable buzz.  I knew immediately what I was about to see.

Alarmed, I spun around and moved out of the tall weeds.  Trapper and the timber rattlesnake were literally nose to nose!  The snake was coiled in his classic pose, the rattle pointing high and piercing the air with its warning sound.  Its head was cocked back, daring the dog to make a dangerous mistake.

I hollered sharply to my good dog, "No!  No!  No!  Back!  Back!  Back!"  Trapper initially obeyed, but his curiosity was still piqued.  He must have thought, "What is this new creature that I've never seen?"  After taking a few steps back, Trapper tiptoed toward the snake again.  I shouted loudly.  "Trapper, No!  Trapper, No!"  The rattler continued with his menacing warning sound.

Trapper must have realized the danger at this point and quickly trotted over to me.  I grabbed his leash and together we watched the reptile for a few more moments.  We finally decided that our fate had been in Mother Nature's hands long enough for this day.  We walked away, leaving the beast to create his peculiar symphony in peace.


BigAl said...

Nice, but where was the camera? I never go anywhere without mine. Glad you were both okay though. That is one snake you don't want to mess with.

smithie23 said...

A chance encounter with a potentially aggressive animal is my second-worst fear when alone in the woods. Good times!

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