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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY'S - The Future of Geocaching according to Bloodhounded

It is my opinion that Geocaching has yet to see its full potential. In the 11 years of its existence it has become a favored past time of millions of people worldwide however, if its growth rate continues, it will explode in the next five to seven years. If you talk to some of the cachers who started in the beginning, they will gladly tell you how the game has changed. From ammo cans to nanos and letterboxes to logbooks, they just don’t play the game the way they use to. And guess what? 11 years from now it will be different from today let alone 20 or 30 years in the future.

Join me now as we look into the digital log book of a Regular Geocache hidden as “Zelton” GC23000IGH623DF50001A entered by a geocacher named “Melbrain” in the summer of 2041.

 “Wow, what a z’upper dynamic cache! I was trailing with Dembelton and saw this one come up on my encoded flash transponder. It looked Kool so we set out to find it. The heat sensory microchip was a real nice attachment from the cache guardian and we also enjoyed the lazar frequency scramblers as it made the find more challenging (how clever). Our geodynamicis were in high gear as we neared GZ and I had a feeling I knew where it was so I infrared the area and sure enough it came up on the screen. We viewed the histogram data of the cache and registered several traveling microbots after reviewing their missions and set them free. I traded the antique iPod Touch (still works much to my surprise) for a home Lasik kit that I tooled with the Melbrain 4D symbol etched into it.  TFHC!”


BigAl said...

You crack me up. This was great. I love to see how things will change over time, because everything does change. We might not like it, but things do change. I think I'll pick up my telesponder and go after that mega second dimension cache out there on the air trail as soon as I get my telesportaboots fixed. Happy air surfing.

smithie23 said...

I wonder how many Taco Bell parking lots will be home to LPCs in 2041? (Demolition Man, anyone?)

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