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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shared Milestone

Well this is a fun little story.  As I've mentioned before, I was born and raised in the town of St. Marys, Pennsylvania.  My brothers, my sister, and I are scattered around the Commonwealth, but a couple times a year we make it back to the old stomping grounds, sometimes even on the same weekend.  Additionally, I also blogged sometime back that my sister and her husband got into geocaching and are known as the duo of His&Herz.  Such begins the tale...

With the whole gang planning to meet up for Labor Day weekend, some geocaching was certainly in order.  At the time, we had 187 logged finds.  We found out that His&Herz was entering the weekend with 92 finds.  All of a sudden we came up with the brainstorm of hitting our milestones of 100 and 200 on the exact same cache.  Too cool!

Now there was an obvious problem with the plan - we were 13 away while they were only 8.  The other issue for us is that 13 might as well be a thousand.  Still, we had to make it work.  So DLC scrambled through Saturday to get 5 finds and get on sequence.  His&Herz was all about it, and they even chauffeured us around to some caches they had already found to get us on track.  It all worked out as planned and then together we picked up a few more hides and worked toward our goal.

Labor Day Monday was the big day.  We were at 196 and HH was at 96.  Perfect...  Except for one thing - it was pouring down rain.  (Does it seem like I mention caching in the rain an awful lot?)  Now I'll flat-out admit that my resolve was wavering.  I'd about had it with rain.  I threw out two options - 1) Get the milestones separately, or 2)  Nobody log another find until we meet up again (I was joking.)

My brother-in-law Scott was having none of this nonsense - "Press on we will, rain be damned!"  And that is exactly what we did...

The first find of the day was at Smallest in America at Decker's Chapel.  Decker's Chapel was built by Michael Decker in 1856, fulfilling a promise that he would do just that if he recovered from a back injury.  Decker's Chapel is believed to be the smallest church in the United States. 

Decker's Chapel, St. Marys, PA

Plaque at Decker's Chapel 
The second find was a bit forgettable, but it is was it is.  We logged a micro behind some storage lockers off of the highway.  Not really our style, but, hey, we were working toward a milestone here!

"This looks like a really good locker.  I'm not gonna let Dave get it.  I'm bidding on this one."
The third find was the old micro-in-a-gutter cache, which I guess was kind of fitting for the weather conditions.

Finding this cache was draining.
Finally the big 100/200 geocache was in sight.  We were going to get it done.  Off we went to a really cool cache at a spot I honestly have been by hundreds of times and - I hate to admit this - never even realized was there...

The St. Michael Cemetery in Fox Township, PA
I had to do a little research to find out the history here.  Kersey, PA's St. Boniface Church has two cemeteries.  One of them is this St. Michael's.  There is only one marked grave in the entire graveyard, that of Arthur McQuown who died in 1847.

The only marked grave in the entire cemetery...
...And where others eternally rest
We then went after the cache.  It took us a couple moments - must have been too excited to focus - and Scott finally made the find.  Yes indeed, Nature's Resting Place #2 was in hand and we had gotten our milestones on the exact same cache!  Thanks, guys, for the adventure and for sharing the moment!

Congratulations, Scott and Julie.  Keep having fun!

Now let's go dry off!



Congratulations to all! Every milestone is worth celebrating. Great job!
Dan, I have to tell you that you always make Tuesday mornings better, this is a great post, thanks!

smithie23 said...

Congrats on the milestones! I try to make each milestone special. The keyword is TRY. It never seems to pan out for me.
Storm drain hides aren't the most clever ones out there, but they sure beat lifting yet another lamppost skirt.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

A hearty congrats all the way around on the milestones! Every milestone is cause to celebrate. This one will be special because you did it together. I'm not too crazy about the lamp skirts either, but they serve a purpose... We save them for rainy days or after dinner runs when we just want to get out of the house.

HisHerz said...

Thanks for the post Dodger! It didn't play out exactly as planned, but we worked with the cards we were dealt - which included a lot of rain! We had fun getting out with you picking up caches on our way to the milestone. Here's to the next milestone - and better weather next time :)

His of HisHerz said...

Yea... what she said.
This was our first summer geocaching and we sure got hooked quickly. The hunt for 100/200 just fueled the already growing addiction. I'm glad we were able to hit the milestones together, even if Mother Nature wasn't making it easy.

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