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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Romantic Cache

By Big Al

Have you ever read about, or hidden, a Romantic Cache? Well if not then read on and learn a few tricks from the Master.  And no, this is not so mushy that your kids can't read it. Hey,this is a kid friendly site and they might even learn a few tricks for when they get older. So...

WELCOME TO ROMANTIC THURSDAY!!!! Get your wife, a good cup of coffee, or tea, sit back together and get ready to get ROMANTIC. Just kidding. Get ready to learn how to be romantic through Geocaching.

Around our house I am known as being sly, sneaky, down right conniving, and most of all romantic when it comes to my wife and our anniversary. This would become very apparent when we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on November 2, 2009. Yes if you do the math you'll know we were married on November 2, 1984. A date I will never, ever, forget. That was the day I married the most beautiful woman in the world.

I had already surprised my wife on our 20th wedding anniversary with a one night stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster, PA, and I knew I needed to outdo myself for our 25th. So I began planning ahead. When we were married in '84 we spent our honeymoon in Niagara Falls, Canada. We stayed on the Canadian side and really loved it.  My plan was to take my wife back to Niagara Falls for our 25th anniversary. I began my sneaky moves and called and reserved a hotel room for two nights at the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel on the Canadian side.  Little did I know that this hotel was the last hotel right on the edge of the Horseshoe Falls just 300 yards away. It was going to be beautiful.

                             Our Hotel

With all of the details for the hotel in place it was now time to set the surprise in motion. I had decided to put together a special romantic cache that would be published on our anniversary and therefore it is called Anniversary Cache. I put the cache together and went out to hide it on the MeadowSweet Preserve Trail. I made sure there was plenty of swag in it along with a letter to my wife, and all the details of the mini vacation. In the letter I explained how much I loved her, how much I enjoyed her company, and that we were going on a 3 day vacation to Niagara Falls for our anniversary. On the way to the trail it started raining really hard. I figured I'd stop back at a later time to hide it.

I went back home and picked up my daughter who was going to work. Now you have to understand that she was going to work dressed like a cat for Halloween. She had on black pants, a black shirt, a black cat tail, and cat ears. Her face was painted with whiskers and she looked great.


I dropped her off and went back to the trail, but it was still raining, so I went back home. When it was time to pick her up I noticed that it had stopped raining. We stopped at the trail and went into the woods and hid the cache. Current time is 9:00 p.m. and it is DARK outside. After hiding the cache we started to walk back out when a car pulled up next to my car. Me to daughter: Is that a police car? Daughter to me: I don't know because I can't see that far. What if it is? Me: He's not going to believe what we are doing. The thought in my head: "Okay officer I know I am coming out of the woods at 9:00 p.m. with a young lady dressed like a cat, but honestly she's my daughter". Wipe thoughts from my head. Let's just walk out there and see who it is.Well to our surprise it was NOT a policeman. It was a lady talking on her cell phone. Whew! Off to home.  My daughter and I will never forget that night and how much fun we had laughing about it later.

Okay, everything is set for the surprise. All I have to do is get my wife out here to find the cache. Once she finds it then I'll send it in for publishing. What? Do you think I was going to take a chance on someone finding it before my wife did? Not on your life.

The next day after church I told my wife I needed HER to check my cords for my new cache hide and see if they were correct. She took it hook, line, and sinker. Off we went. We arrived at the trail and headed into the woods. This time it was light out. My wife found the cache without too much difficulty. She opened it up to see what all was in there for the FTF. She checked out the log book and then set everything aside including my letter, and started looking at the swag. She was about to put the stuff back in when I told her to check everything out first. So she went through everything again and opened up the letter and began reading it. SURPRISE!!! She was totally speechless. She could not believe it. She then read about the mini vacation we were taking for our anniversary and I'll have to admit I think a piece of dust must have gotten in my eye because it started to water up. Okay, so I was a little emotional and those were tears welling up in my eyes. There I said it. I'm a man and I can take it; if I have to; I guess. Thanks Red.

She then asked when we were going on the trip and I told her "we're leaving tomorrow morning, so we had better go home and pack". That was when I heard the words "What?" We're leaving tomorrow? "Yes dear we are". We headed back home and while she packed I sent the cache in for review. Somewhere along the time line my wife asked me about passports. I knew I had mine and it was good to go, but her's was not. I called the border place and they said all we needed was her birth certificate and ID. Good enough for me. The next day we left for Niagara Falls.

We arrived at the border and the lady there asked us where we were going and for how long. We told her and she said have a great time. We continued on our way.  We arrived at the hotel and it was more than what I expected. The views were amazing and it was well worth the money.

                            The view out of our window

My wife set up our room with everything from our wedding to include pictures, the guest book, our wedding topper, and everything else she had saved. We spent some time going through all of the pictures reminiscing about our first trip to Niagara Falls, the wedding, and everything else along those 25 totally amazing, awesome, years.  I'll just say that we had a magnificent time for our anniversary.  We did find several caches there in Canada, and we took some wildlife pictures too. We also walked along the streets and enjoyed the night life at the falls. It was fun reliving our anniversary and just spending time together. Before we left we bought a leather key chain and made it into a Travel Bug called Anniversary Bug.  After filling out the TB page we set it loose in a cache there and it is still traveling today. Below are some pictures of our trip and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

The trip back home was a little more eventful. When we got to the border to come back into the Good Ol' US of A the guy there wanted to see her passport. I explained that we did not have one and I gave him the other papers. This guy then began quizzing us about our trip. We began to feel like he was not going to let  her back in. Oh great! I take my wife to Canada for a special anniversary and now I can't bring her back. Well the guy continued asking questions and then he wanted to know what was in the box in the back of the car. I told him it had our wedding things from 25 years ago. Well maybe he thought we were a little crazy, but he did let us back in with the stipulation that we had BETTER GET HER A PASSPORT or not come back again. Thank you mister 'almost ruin our day' officer. We're going back to where we are appreciated. We did make it back safely to PA.

Now you guys go buy your wife some flowers, hide a Romantic Cache, and give her an anniversary to remember. By the way, the cache was published and even though my wife did not receive the actual FTF she got the better end of the deal. Now I'm just patiently waiting for that 30 year mark. Boy have I got plans for her. I hope she doesn't pass out or something. LOL.

                         The Falls

                            The tallest man's chair

               My beautiful bride of 25 years


                                  Happy Couple of 25 years and still going

                         Both falls in the early morning

                                       Anniversary Bug

Big Daddy walking along the road

And just what are you looking at. Put your eyes back in your head

                      Are you seeing double?

   Tree near one of the caches. He's had a bit too much to drink and he's a little hung over

Honey, get away from the edge.

                        Honey, I'm bushed

             Either Toronto is flooded or that is one big wave. Actually just a good zoom lens.

Can you say ROMANTIC!



I'm speechless, what is left to say? I think I have some dust in my eyes. This is truly one of the very best geocaching articles I have ever read! This is an extreme romantic cache and you guys just keep that fire burning for another 25 years.

Debbie said...

good work on the anniversary cache!

as someone who lived 20 min from Niagara Falls- good choice of location :)

smithie23 said...

What an awesome post! What a great way to celebrate such an important milestone. Niagara Falls is an incredible place, and I hope to get back there again someday.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You get an award for being such a thoughtful (and romantic) husband. Nicely done! I've never been to Niagara Falls, but I'd love to go see it sometime.

Dave said...

That, my friend, is a good way to celebrate 25 years!

My very first date with my now wifey person was at Niagara Falls. Seeing these pics brings back a lot of good memories.

Thanks for sharing ;)

Benizerith said...

What an awesomely romantic story! You're such a big softie. :) I also went to Niagara Falls on my honeymoon. We plan to go back there on our 10-year anniversary in 2013. I wish (and it's just that... a WISH lol) my husband would be as romantic as you! Great post, Al!

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