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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Made-To-Order First-To-Find

You just never know what geocaching is going to bring your way - a wild adventure, some real cool swag, a neat trackable from lands far away, or maybe even a surprise First-To-Find.  That surprise FTF is exactly what happened to us.  In fact, it was more than a surprise - it was practically made-to-order.  You really couldn't have asked for a better cache close to home for the whole family to enjoy... First.  It was pretty neat...

Thursday, August 25.  We were playing outside and just having a really good time running around the yard, playing hide-n-seek, looking for butterflies and bugs, picking up sticks, and generally just goofing off.  It was a nice night regardless of what would have happened from then on and out, but the big bonus was yet to come.

All the while, despite the good time everybody was having, there was no doubt that rain was on the way.  The wind started to pick up and we figured it was time to pack it in.  So we headed inside and got the kids ready for bed just as the skies opened into a mighty downpour.  It was still fairly early so we popped in a movie for the girls to watch.  Mom was tinkering around in the kitchen and I just happened to check the email...

"No way."




"You are not going to believe this - there is a brand new geocache TWO TENTHS OF A MILE from our front door!"


"Yes...  and look!  IT'S NOT RAINING ANYMORE!!!  We're going."

Boots and raincoats were donned on top of pajamas, the girls were loaded into the double stroller, and we were off.  We walked down a trail that was quite familiar to us, but this evening it had been sprinkled with magic.  Ten minutes later at 7:28 PM, we were indeed FTF on this great new cache called Blueberry Loop

The owners of this particular cache are some of the fairest traders, friendliest folks, and most generous givers of quality swag in the business.  This hide was no exception - it was loaded with top-notch prizes.  We made the kids decide on only one bauble and after much deliberation, they settled on a train whistle.  As an FTF prize, we also took the unactivated geocoin specifically placed for such occasion.  Trying hard to trade fair, we left a brand-new-in-package LED flashlight.  We also left a DLC signature coin, a pack of environmental trading cards, an environmental biodiversity magnet, a bottle opener, and a Stay-Out-Of-Abandoned-Mines sticker. We re-hid the cache as found and headed back home after a pleasant post-rain evening hike.

Isn't geocaching a wild ride?  You just never know what's down the road.  Fun!

All aboard!
Did geocaching good fortune ever come your way?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That kind of unexpected fun is what makes geocaching so great! Plus that's a night I guarantee the kids will remember for a long time.


I told you there were distinct advantages to living out here, ha! I am saving that one for a nice family walk from the house as well. It makes me happy knowing there is out there just waiting for us. I think I'm prolonging that feeling but the rain has been relentless.

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