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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye Butterfly

Readers of our blog know that we're big fans of the yearly Monarch Butterfly release.  Here is a slideshow of our first release of the year...


Flitting from flowers to tree
I'd watched it fly so gracefully
"Come fly to me" I'd say
A closer look just for today

Summer now with exit near
Alas my visitor will not appear
Leaves in piles begin to form
Summer flowers have dried and gone

Yet, as I sat watching expectantly
There in all its delicate beauty
It came to me;
Its gold and amber wings touching
My hand
That moment of trust
Oh how grand!

I'm sure it came to say farewell
Perhaps it knew me as a friend;
That brief moment I shall not forget
That butterfly of summer
My moment with nature
Forever in my memories will blend

Nancy Ellen Crossland



NICE! Love the pics and the poem!

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