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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are You Prepared?

By Big Al.

I hope this article gets you prepared for some safe caching.


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and learn to be prepared for some safe caching.

Okay, let me set the stage for my story. You’re sitting at home checking your email when you get a notification that a new cache has just been published and it’s at one of your favorite spots for hiking; Rocky Ridge. You realize that if you leave right away you could get the FTF. You decided to head out and try for it even though it’s a little early in the morning. Since it is getting cooler out you grab your brown fall coat and out the door you go.

You arrive at the parking area, put your gear on, and head into the woods. You begin thinking that if you plan this right you could pick up several caches that you have been wanting to find as well as getting the FTF. You start heading up towards Rocky Ridge. The Sun is just beginning to crest the hilltops and you know when you get to Quaker Point it’s going to be a beautiful view.

You arrive at Quaker Point and your GPS says you’re about 10 feet from the cache. You begin searching and low and behold you find the cache. You slowly open the log book and then you get really excited because you are the First to Find. Yes!! It all paid off. You quickly sign the log book, check out the swag, drop a signature item in the ammo can, and re-hide the cache. You are pumped. Another First to Find. You look out across the hillside and see all of the trees as the leaves are now turning from green to beautiful reds, yellows, purples, and oranges. What an awesome site. You quickly take a few pictures and then you begin heading back the other direction. You take a short cut to another trail, which leads you to Lower Valley Trail. The plan is to pick up another cache along the way.

As you approach GZ you realize that the cache must be in this big thicket of serviceberry bushes. You make your way inside and you begin looking, but then your coat gets stuck so you stand still for a bit and try to get it undone. That is when you realize the cache must be on the other side of the bushes. As you come out of the bushes your mouth drops and you see something you never expected to see and you begin shouting “no, no, no.” That’s when you realize that the camoflauged hunter standing there is letting off of his bow. He then states “almost mistook you for a deer; next time you might want to wear some orange.”

Yes, this is just a story, but it could happen. So my question to you is “Are you ready for caching during the approaching Big Game season?” Many hunters will be taking to the woods very soon to persue their love for the elusive Whitetail Deer and Black Bear. But in some of these areas there will also be Geocachers heading into those same woods. You might want to decide not to cache in areas where there may be hunters. If you have caches in areas where hunting is allowed then you might consider disabling them during the season.

Here are some suggestions for us cachers who may still want to go out there and search for a cache or two.   
     Wear an orange coat or vest, or at least an orange hat.

     Carry a cell phone.
          Make sure someone knows where you’re going to be.  
     Carry a firstaid kit even if it is a basic kit.
      Carry a whistle.
        Don’t wear black or brown clothes while in the woods.
        Be vigilant of your surroundings.
        If a car or big truck is parked near the parking cords of the trail head maybe you should consider coming back at another time.

Thankfully no cachers or hunters were hurt during the writing of this article. Please be safe as you cache and remember that we are sharing the woods with many other people, especially during the upcoming hunting season. Cache safe my friends; cache safe. 


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

This is a very valid point. We cache a lot in the woods of Kentucky in autumn and we always wear orange vests for just that reason. Great article - thanks!


AWESOME message Big Al! Let's all have fun and be safe. Thanks!

Harold said...

Great story Big Al. Very well written. I can see a vivid picture of it all in my head as I was reading it.

smithie23 said...

I believe the suggested amount of orange is 250 square inches, about the head, chest and back. An orange hat and shirt, or coat, should do it. A small, but wise, investment to make. Your life may depend on it!


Hey Big Al, Do you have a cammo hunting outfit like this guy? If you do, I want to film a series of my new geocaching terror flick, "SPROUT, Green Giant's Prodigal Child".

BigAl said...

Sorry, I don't have one of those.



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