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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY SPECIAL - Guest Blog - Dave from smithie23 - Munzee - Because I Needed ANOTHER Obsession!

Dave aka smithie23
Hey, look who it is! Our friend and a regular guest author here at CacheCrazy.Com, Dave aka smithie23. He has provided some great posts that can be found on the sidebar of our blog. We also had the pleasure to do some geocaching with Dave recently. He's a really cool guy and great geocacher. Today he is going to scratch the surface on a new game called Munzee. 

Looks like a lot of fun so let's get right to it.....

I enjoy listening to podcasts, specifically, podcasts related to geocaching.  They’re a great way to pass the time on my ninety minute drives to work, and I get to keep up with what’s going on with our game/sport, both here in the states and around the world.  One of these podcasts recently devoted its show to a new game called Munzee.
Munzee, billed as “a 21st Century Scavenger Hunt”  is a high-tech game, played with a smartphone, where players seek out and find cards, called Munzees, which contain a QR code.  The player scans the code, using their phone, and their find is automatically recorded as a capture.  No need for a GPS, fumbling with coordinates and the like, it’s all in the smartphone.
After hearing the host talk up this game for an hour, I was stoked to try this game.  Sounds like another game for geeks-right up my alley!  Then, I heard the dreaded buzz kill phrase: the Munzee app is only available on the iPhone and Android platforms.  Me, and my Palm Pre are skunked again!  Thanks HP!  But wait, all hope is not lost.  My Pre (which has already been replaced once) is on the fritz, and may need to be replaced.  After much consultation with my wireless provider, it was determined I did need a new phone.  A representative at the store suggested that when I call, I request a phone from a list of comparable phones.  So my choices were another Pre (BOO!), a Blackberry Torch (soon to be dinosaur) and an HTC Hero.  Yes!  The Hero runs Android!  Time to get my Munzee on!

Now, as when I was new to geocaching two years ago, I started searching for Munzees nearest to home.  I was not surprised to see the lack of Munzees in the area.  The game is brand-spanking new, and it takes time for these things to catch on.  I was lucky to find a few Munzees close to home, and in no time, I made my first Munzee capture.

To say the strategy behind capturing a Munzee is similar to finding a geocache is a sever understatement.  It’s EXACTLY the same!  The major difference is the QR code.  It’s an instantaneous capture.  The app scans the Munzee, and when you line it up on your display correctly, the rest is done for you.  You don’t even need to press a button! Another feature which separates Munzee from geocaching is the points system.  Yes, for all you “it’s not about the numbers (but it really is)” geocachers out there, you earn points for captures. The points system is as follows:  five points for every Munzee you capture, five points for every Munzee you deploy, and three points every time a Munzee you’ve deployed is captured by someone else.  I happened to find my first Munzee on a “double your points” weekend, where you earned twice as many points for a capture as normal.  Sweet!

I like playing Munzee.  It’s a nice compliment to geocaching.  I even found a Munzee in a geocache.  For me though, it will never replace geocaching.  There’s a lot to be said for making a cache find, and opening the container, never quite knowing what’s going to be in there.  Munzee, at least at the present time, is limited to those holding a smartphone with the before-mentioned operating systems.  This is going to limit the number of players, and hence, the number of potential Munzee captures available.
Check the game out at  You can also download the Munzee app, free of charge, from the iPhone App Store or Android Market.



Awesome Dave! I have to try this game. I downloaded the app last night, it was fast, simple and complete. I know where there are some Munzee in my area and I'm already dreaming of MunzeeCrazy.Com or maybe is cooler don't you think?
Thanks Dave, we're always happy to have your great work here at CacheCrazy.Com

Dave said...

Thanks, Kevin! Either name would work, if you ask me. I'm not sure which platform you use, but I'm using a droid phone, and the app tends to be stubborn at times. They did release an update a few days ago, though. I'm hoping it clears up the issues I've seen with it, such as frequent crashes and not updating my location properly.

It's odd playing a game, similar to caching, where the ol' "C&D" is not only accepted, but encouraged. I don't mind, though. I would hate to take a five mile hike out into the woods, only to not be able to scan a Munzee, due to poor phone/GPS reception.

Benizerith said...

Sounds cool! I'm going to download the app as soon as my Market stops being a bitch. Thanks for the info!

Robje64 + Monique said...

Hi there.

nice article...

where does the stats picture come from?
It is not from for sure.


(robje64 (@)


Hi Rob!
Back in the day (last August) that's what your stats use to look like. In December of 2011, Munzee revamped their home site and did away with the graphic which I thought was pretty cool. The graphic is still on the mobile.
Thanks for checking out CacheCrazy.Com

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