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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Please Note - This post is hard to read intentionally
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Questions:how many times is "cachecrazy" in this post? And
what two objects are in the background picture above?
*the answers will be in the comments later today  =)

Our friend Chris from Certainty sent this to me and asked if I would post it. I thought WHY NOT WEDNESDAY would be the perfect place. Here is the text from his email. "Hey Bloodhounded, you have to check out this video. This guy is really going at it and it's hell getting to the cache. All the way there he makes weird noises and has very funny comments. It made me laugh and I thought maybe you could post it to cachecrazy." 
Well Chris, here it is and thanks for the contribution.


BigAl said...

Well I've got the answers and I'll wait to see if I am correct.

Loved the video. This guy is so funny. I mean I've never done what he talks about. You know about blazing through all the underbrush just to find a path nearby; not me. LOL. Okay, so maybe I went straight up a mountainside just to find the path at the top near the cache. I love Geocaching.

smithie23 said...

I truly unique caching experience. Anyone wanna go in on a chopper to airlift that sucker out of the woods, and bring it to PA?


There are two, one in the announcement and one is Chris's email. The rest are The picture contains an ammo can with a hiking staff. Have fun!

Erika Jean said...

I was going to guess lightsaber. Darn! ;-)

BigAl said...

Okay, that's just not fair. I counted all of those times it says Tricky, tricky, tricky. You got me on that one. But I did have the ammo can and hiking staff correct. Great fun for all. Thanks.

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