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Friday, August 19, 2011

So, what do you think of Challenges by Groundspeak?

According to Groundspeak's weekly newsletter, The mission of Groundspeak is to inspire outdoor play using location-based technology. Since the first cache was hidden in 2000, geocaching has inspired millions of people to head outside and explore. Today, almost 1.5 million geocaches are listed on 
They are hidden in nearly every country in the world.

But there are some places that still don't allow physical geocaches. Among these locations are many parks and historical sites that are meant to be discovered and explored. The new Geocaching Challenges feature brings these locations into the world of geocaching.

Go somewhere, do something
. That's the basic idea behind Geocaching Challenges. You might be challenged to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, sing a song in the middle of Times Square, or take a picture of yourself walking through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
Premium Members can issue one Challenge per 24-hour period. Anyone can accept and complete a Challenge and weigh-in on whether it deserves a thumbs up or thumbs down.
Visit to learn more. The free Geocaching Challenges app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 will also be available.

So, with that said, what do YOU think about the new feature from


International Geocaching Day

This Saturday, August 20th is the first International Geocaching Day! You can celebrate with fellow geocachers at an event near you or simply mark the day by finding a geocache. Anyone who finds a cache or logs an "attended" for an event will receive the International Geocaching Day souvenir.

So get out there and find at least one cache tomorrow so you can claim your souvenir and let your number be known on this special "unofficial" holiday.


BigAl said...

Well I did some reading on these Challenges and I'm not sure I like it. For one thing they up your total cache count. That I don't like. Well let me state that the challenges I found were not very "Challenging". Kiss a frog, take a picture of your dog, pick up some trash; just to name a few. Now I can see picking up trash, but to have your cache numbers increase for doing it; I don't think so. I think some folks need to create some really challenging 'Challenges' and then we'll see what happens. I think it might be a good concept to get more folks outside, but I just don't see where it ties into actual caches. The cords you need are really not for anything; they are just there. I don't know maybe it's just me, but I think they are silly. I'd like to sit and think up some good challenges, but I'm kind of busy with all of the committees I'm on and working, and trying to get out for some REAL caches. We'll see what others think.

BigAl said...

Here's something else I noticed; there are really no directions as to what you're supposed to do once you get to the challenge site. The tutorials did not show much, and there is nothing to help you understand what to do. Also, there's not much of a log once you have completed the challenge. Okay, I've said enough. I'll let others comment too.

Dave said...

Challenges seem like a completely half baked idea. My first gut reaction is to kick it to the curb immediately, tho I am willing to see if Groundspeak will be making improvements in the near future. I've beta-tested a lot of services with my job so I am used to the idea of using not-yet-feature-comnplete software (G+ being a prime example). Normally products in such states are released to a limited, understanding audience tho.

If it doesn't improve. I want it gone.

My problem with it is that it seems completely arbitrary and pointless. It also does not go through any review process I can see. The point of it is supposed to replace virtuals, which were phased out because some virtuals were less than stellar. While some are better than others, I have never failed to learn something while doing a virtual. To replace virtuals they seem to have embraced the very thing they didn't like about them. Challenges is nothing but fluff. Prime example is their first challenge. Kiss a frog. Really? This has what to do with exploring the world? Bah.

Based on these initial observations Groundspeak has jumped the shark and lost all touch with reality. You can completely tell what they are doing is trying to cash in on the popularity of the other social geo-located services like Foursquare, but missing the point completely.

I have nothing good to say about challenges. I really hope I have cause to change my position in the near future.


I was advised not to comment because so many people have so many different points of view and it wouldn't be politically correct for me, as an admin to post. Tough $h!T! I'm pissed about the new feature Challenges! Or may I'm more embarrassed for an organization that I always felt in some way, would progress the sport to the next level. If this is the next level, I quit, I'm done playing and I'm talking my game and going home, so there! Some tough talk, right?

Let me say that I am "wide open" to change in the sport of Geocaching. I have published my points of view on inevitable change several times. So this is not a rant but, it clearly is not a rave either.

The organization (Groundspeak) that brought Geocaching to the forefront in promotion and progression of the sport that we all hold in high degree and love. Is the same group of people who have single handedly "cheapened" the sport. What he hell is the point? I just don't get it? And now we have to "deal with it"! Thank God I'm not a premium member! They arrogantly made these changes on the sly too. Not too much fuss over it, the site goes down for "updates" and the next thing you know, if you blow your nose, on a mountain, with a pink handkerchief, you get a find! I'm not in it for the numbers (obviously) but many folks are and even the small number of geocaches that I have found to date, I worked for. "Kiss a frog", give me a break! Let me apologize to all of you who have busted your ass, pulled out your hair, invested the time and money to find that special cache. Your smiley now means less than a guardrail magnetic or a lamp skirt micro. But, if you take a picture of yourself in front of a flower, you Completed it" pathetic.....

I'll bet the folks over at are laughing their asses off.

That's all I got. How about you?

Anonymous said...

I just sent in a new Challenge and I can't wait until it's published. I challenged to ditch the whole Challenges thing and just go back to being Finding the geocache is a challenge enough thank you very much! It probably won't be published and if it is, it will likely be archived like the very first one "Kiss A Frog". It was archived because it was inappropriate. LOL! It ended with a 78% unfavorable rating and someone posted naked pictures there and that was the last. Gone! This from a site that has longevity of caches as part of their rules. "No temporary caches" I think it says. It all seems pretty temporary to me.

smithie23 said...

Geocaching Challenges is a major letdown! I thought the idea behind it was a good one-bring back virtuals, without actually bringing back virtuals. I think where it falls short is in the review process. Instead of placing new challenges in the hands of reviewers, or comparable designated individuals, they are policed by the geocaching community, which I believe waters down the product. What does kissing a frog, or skinny dipping, have to do with a location based game/sport? I have seen good challenges, such as a cache owner issuing a challenge to find all of his caches, but they have been the exception to the norm.

Down with Challenges!

smithie23 said...

BTW, thanks for the heads up on International Geocaching Day. I just HAD to pick up that souvenir. I'm still kicking myself for not getting out last year on 10-10-10. Perhaps they're going to have an 11-11-11...


Hey, at the rate that going, maybe in the next update, I'll be able to sell or trade. I'll give you my Ten Year for three states.....
I unfortunately was unable to geocache at all today and I'm pissed about that too.
I'm not having a good weekend.I have to get my mojo working before Monday or else......

BigAl said...

Sorry to hear you are having a bad weekend BH. I hope you have a change for today. I stopped last night for a cache just before taking the kids to see Captain America. We found the cache and enjoyed the movie. Now where's my souvenir? It did not appear last night,nor today, and today is slower than ever. I never have to wait as long as I have waited for the site to open up. Maybe too many people are ranting about the Challenges and so the sites tied up. Just a thought.

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