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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Challenge You to Get a Free Coffee

So the big hype around these parts is the new Sonic that opened up just north of us here at Cache Crazy.  It just hit the papers in blueprint blue – “New Sonic Opens in Scranton”.  Now I’m not sure if this makes any sense at all, but this remarkable headline got me to thinking about the “Challenges” and my first experience with this popular burger establishment.  It goes back to when the Wilkes-Barre Sonic opened, and I guess with this little tale I’m about to admit just how unworldly I really am.  True story, folks.  Let’s pick it up real-time…

I’m cruising to work, bright and early, right around 6 AM.  I’m jammin’ to some morning tunes, windows wide open, trees goin’ by...  You know – being a real dork.  So while I’m winding down from some classic rock track, this commercial comes on the radio talking up the new Sonic.  Yeah, big deal, but then I hear they’re giving away free coffee.  So I’m like, “Well why not?  I’ll go grab a coffee, check this joint out.”  With a few quick alterations to my route, I’m pulling in…

“Where the hell do you park around here?”  I’m driving around the lot, I see all these speaker boxes.  “Geez, awful big drive-thru they got here…  Where the HELL do you park?”  Finally I zip around behind the building and see like four or five parking spots.  “Geez, who engineered this place?  I guess they’re not counting on too much business.  Well not my problem.”  So I park my old Jeep, hop out, and start walking up to the place.  Now I’m confused because I don’t see any real entrance, but I keep walking with confidence.  Suddenly I spot some kid glaring out the pick-up window giving me this confused/scared/I’m-gonna-call-the-cops-if-this-guy’s-pulling-any-$h!t look.  And that’s when the lightbulb suddenly turns on in the dense head of this genius –

ME:  “Hey, man, good morning.  Hey, is this place drive-thru only?”

KID AT WINDOW:  (still exercising great caution) “Um, yeah?”

ME:  “Oh.  Ok…  Hey, can I get one of those free coffees?”
KID AT WINDOW:  (still cautious but now much more confused) “Well, yeah, but…”

ME:  (another lightbulb clicks on)  “Oh!  I see!  I’ll get back in my car and drive around!  That cool?”

KID AT WINDOW:  (now suddenly turning into Mr. Friendly USA)  “All right!  Yeah, come on around to the window!”
I get back in the Jeep and do a complete 360 around the building, right back to where I was standing 20 seconds ago.  There’s my buddy, all smiles, hanging out the window with my fresh, steamy cup of Sonic coffee…

As I pulled out of the parking lot that day, thinking about the weirdness of what had transpired, it struck me that I probably should have bought something.  Even though the coffee was kind of crappy, I went back the next day and ordered another one, this time with some breakfast burrito thing.  Same guy, too.  I don’t even think he remembered me.  Twilight Zone kind of stuff.
So what’s this have to do with geocaching?  I don’t know either.  Probably about as much to do with geocaching as the new “challenges” have to do with geocaching.  Probably about as much to do with an actual challenge as the new “challenges” have to do with a challenge.  I have myself confused, too, but I always wanted to tell that story.  I write for a blog.  I have a platform.  I ramble from time to time.
You won’t get a smiley for any of this, but maybe you got a smile from my Sonic story. Or maybe I’ve been working with paint too much this past week.  Whatever. 

Let me try to wrap this up –

I don’t dig the new “challenges” but maybe that’s just me.  They’re not my thing, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to stage a protest.  If people want to build up numbers with them… so what?  That’s what’s unique about geocaching.  The rules are loose.  You can associate with folks that play the game your way and ignore those that don’t.  Just respect the cache, respect the property, and have fun.
Now I challenge you to go score a free coffee.

Or kiss a frog.
Whatever floats your boat.



What a great post! You made my week with this point of view and I love the Sonic story!

BigAl said...

I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes. Thanks for a great post. I agree 100%. Let those who want to kiss frogs kiss them. I'll stick to searching out good, quality caches to increase my numbers. Thanks again.

smithie23 said...

I had to convince myself to stop laughing out loud long enough to form some semblance of a comment...

As of tonight, there is yet to be a "Challenge" issued out of the 18702 zip code. What, no one wants to be the first, and get laughed at?

Erika Jean said...

Haha. Never been to sonic before?

You know you want to kiss that frog! I did, and no matter how stupid it was, I'm not taking it back! ;-)

I think challenges have the potential to be cool (and actually challenging).... but people will put any ol' stupid thing out there (much like some crappy virtuals I've done)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

ROFL at the Sonic story! I feel the same way about the new Challenges. There is a big debate going on about those in our circle also.

His&Herz said...

Great post, Dodger. I'm glad the kid at Sonic didn't call the cops on you. I share your point of view on the new "challenges." We don't have any plans to participate in a challenge. But if you're interested, I noticed that one of the first challenges issued in the Erie area is a challenge to get your picture taken next to one of the many frog statues around town. Sounds like its right up your alley... :o)

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