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Saturday, August 20, 2011

GUEST BLOG SERIES SPECIAL - Dave D - Only Googlebot Reads This Blog - Bears Across America: Ain't It Grand

I am Dave, I do stuff
Meet our friend Dave from Only Googlebot Reads This Blog. He shares with us a series called “Bears Across America” where Dave and his wife pack up the toddler and the dog and hit the road for the ultimate three week adventure. It’s nothing but fun, great pics and geocaching the whole way as told by Dave. Enjoy!

Bears Across America: Ain't It Grand

It is hard to believe that it only took 18 years for
Teddy Roosevelt to dig this out!
April 24, 2011 was the day we achieved the original goal of our road trip:  Visiting the Grand Canyon. This was the day after our sick day so we were not feeling our best, but we piled ourselves into the van and drove the 80 miles to the eastern gate of Grand Canyon National Park. They say that the Grand Canyon is one of the few things that you see that doesn't disappoint, and once I got my first view of the canyon I have to agree with them.  The Grand Canyon is absolutely awesome in terms of scale and beauty.

We spent the morning driving the southern rim to the Grand Canyon village, where we had lunch.  After lunch we hiked two miles along the rim trail. We got rained on, and the canyon has some cold rain with hard winds, but we persevered, and enjoyed some stunning views.  Zeke enjoyed some stunning nap time.

There is not a lot to expand on here. It is just a series of amazing views. so I will not express every thought or detail about this trip, except to say that if you have been here you know what I am talking about.  If you have not, and have any appreciation for the beauty and awesomeness of nature, you must visit this place.

After our hike, we took a shuttle bus back to the parking lot and headed back home in time for supper.

Considering the state Zeke and I were in yesterday, we managed to turn out a really great day of adventuring.

Welcome back Dave! Thanks for sharing your adventure each weekend here at CacheCrazy. We love this series!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I would definately like to see the Grand Canyon sometime. Except for being sick, this is a fab trip!

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