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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dodger's Favorite Cache Logs Vol. 3

Ever had a crazy experience or had something really funny or strange go down while out caching? Ever wonder if anybody ever reads your cache log and hears about your wild adventures? Well, I do! From time to time, I’m going to use my Tuesday posting to feature some of my favorite geocaching logs. So keep watching – you might be surprised to see yourself featured here on Cache Crazy.

Today’s “Dodger’s Favorite Cache Logs” comes from Cache Crazy's very own Bloodhounded and yours truly, Dodger Lizard Crew. Since it hasn't been found since last May and because we both had separate but very fun adventures, here are our logs from Damguy's Tour of Walter Dam...
Found it October 11, 2009 by Bloodhounded (176 found)

On a beautiful Fall Sunday afternoon, I looked around and saw Mrs. Bloodhounded working on her laptop, young hounds were playing video games and listening to IPod’s and I just had to rally the team for a few hours of geocaching. We pulled this one up as we have had it in our sights for some time but knew we would need all of the team at their best to get all four stages and claim the find.

The leaves today seemed to glow with color and the breeze brought memories of what was to come. The sound of geese flying reinforced that memory but, today was made to be enjoyed. We found stage one with no trouble. Damguy lures you in thinking this would be a piece of cake and then next thing you know you're scratching your head and wondering "what the heck was he thinking”? Mrs. Bloodhounded is the math pro so she did her thing and after running a few numbers by me, we decided we had what we needed to move on. Knowing the area well was a benefit to us so we followed what we thought was the best route and we were right on. A gentleman with a fly rod was casting a nymph at the edge of a pool looked like a picture right out of Flyfisherman magazine but, no time for pictures, we were on a mission.

At stage three I thought I should have brought my waders. Knowing Damguy, you never know, ya know? We focused on the clue and realized there was only one option and we were correct. Then came the CSI maneuver to actually "read" the coords. It worked perfectly and I would be happy to share the procedure with anyone who asks, you would likely have everything you need with you. Anyway, off to the final and a very cool trail that had us all looking around for bobcats, bears and rattlesnakes. The GPS'r was all over the place which was expected here considering the circumstances. Once we felt we were in the area of GZ we never even looked at the GPS and let our geosenses take over. Yes, I went in there! ALL THE WAY and was shocked that the space inside was larger than my first apartment. After looking here and there and everywhere one of my younger hounds started howling (our signature geo call).

Well sure enough, he found it. The cache is in really great condition. It's stocked with many interesting items and dry as a bone. We took the small wood burned picture depicting a chestnut tree (well done I might add from someone who also does wood burning artwork) and a classic Stephen King novel that my teen age hound wanted to read in the spirit of Halloween. We left three Bloodhounded inactivated geocoins for the taking and wrote a full page of events in the log book.

All in all it was an enjoyable cache that had us thanking Damguy and hating him at different times but, overall I have to say, the cache was very well done! It was thought out in detail and laid out to keep you moving in the right direction. It was tough but not over the top and we all participated in the find. Thanks for the cache and an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful autumn day with my family.

Team Bloodhounded
Found it May 15, 2010 by Dodger Lizard Crew (182 found)

We'd been wanting to get this one for awhile now and finally decided to give it a go. I'm sure glad we did. What a fun cache. Be warned, there may be some spoilers here...

We didn't get started until almost 6 PM and didn't know if we'd have time to do the whole thing in one shot. We figured we'd just get started anyway and see where it took us. Well, we breezed through Stages One and Two pretty easily and got to thinking this would be a quick find. Stage Three, though, brought the first hiccup. Right away, the "Lizard" spotted what would turn out to be the correct, shall we say, "spot", but the "Dodger" talked her out of it and did something kind of dumb in the process. So while I was sitting there drying my feet and putting my shoes back on, something caught my eye. I mumbled, "Ah, Liz. Take a look at this." This led to several minutes of "I told you!" and "I knew that was it!" until I finally responded, "Yeah, well I'm the one with numb feet." No matter, we had solved Stage Three and were off to the Final! Just the trail to GZ is worth it. Beautiful. As we approached the end, I spotted the "big" feature and immediately wanted to check it out. Liz pointed out the "small" feature next to it. I won't say which one of us was right, but we found it! The cache is in fine condition and is stocked with quality trade items. I especially liked the conservation-themed patches, but we ended up opting for the Bob the Builder game and leaving behind some geocoins and toys.

There are some excellent 'dam' caches in the area. This one is a must-do. With a little bit of caution, you can even take the kids. We managed with a four-month old and a two-year old. Thanks for the fun evening and, as always, thanks for the adventure!
Thanks for reading “Dodger’s Favorite Cache Logs” and remember to share your experiences when you log your finds. Folks are reading!
Now go get that "DAM" cache!



Oh yes, I remember it like it was yesterday.....
The Tour Of The Dam is when I realized I wanted to hide a multi. That was awesome and nearly two years ago! Boy does time fly.
I ALMOST waded it too,lol! Great minds think alike.

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