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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Caching On Hot Days

By Big Al

Have you ever cached on a hot day? Well I did and it was something to remember.

WELCOME TO THIRSTY THURSDAY! Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or maybe something cool and refreshing and  just relax.

When my family went to Ohio for vacation we figured it would be hot, but not as hot as what it got. Most days while we were there were anywhere from 90 degrees to 106 degrees. That's hot. We had decided that as a family we were going to try and cache at least once a day. Since most of my family tends to sleep in, except me, we were not going out caching until around noon, and that meant for some hot caches.

                    That's the outside temperature without the heat index.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that my car heater was broken so it just poured out hot air the whole time we drove it. That also made for fun caching days. You might ask why we cached if it was so hot outside and even hotter inside; well it's just what we like to do.

If you ever cache on a hot day make sure you have sufficient water for everyone. I made sure to take lots of water bottles and I kept them in a cooler with plenty of ice packs. One thing is for sure it doesn't matter who drinks from what bottle when it's hot out. You just want something that's refreshing and wet. And by the way, don't be fooled into thinking that a soda or a pop will do. You don't want all of that sugar and fizzyness floating around your stomach. Drink what's natural and healthy; water.

One of the things my sister did was to bring a spray bottle filled with water that you could spritz yourself with. This is a really good idea. If you start getting really hot you just pull it out and spray away. The temperatures continued to climb each of the days we were out caching.
Another thing to do is to try and park your car in the shade. This really helps out when the sun is high and hot. We tried this whenever we could. It's also a good idea to put a towel on your seat and that helps to soak up some of the heat if you have leather seat covers like mine are. Och! That's a hot seat. Where's that spray bottle? Hand it here because I really need it.

We decided to find some caches at a local State Park so we headed off in the heat. The park is called John Bryan State Park. I had loaded two caches into the GPS and when we got there we were able to find one of them. It was a nice ammo can, which we all love to find. We had to walk through a part of the park near the campers and we noticed that all of the campers had the AC running full blast. It sure would have been nice if one of them had invited us in, but they didn't. (I don't think anyone was home actually). We found the ammo can and my wife told me not to take a picture, but you need to see hot hot out it was.

Everyone had as much as possible rolled up, but still decent looking. The sweat was just rolling off of us, but we made the find and that's what counts. After logging this one we looked at the next one and realized it was just too far out in the open sun to do so we didn't even attempt it. Back to the car for more water.

Now that things were really hot we knew right where we needed to head to. Young's Jersey Dairy Farm. This place is just so cool. Literally.

This ice cream store has more to do than you think. First they offer the best ice cream around the state.

Did I mention that I could not get all of the ice cream in the photo? There are more choices than any place I've been to. My wife, daughter and I got the 'Cow Trough', which is 5 scoops of ice cream, a cookie, a brownie, 3 toppings, whip cream and a cherry.  This was a lot of ice cream for three people. We did manage to eat it all, but we were really full. As a matter of fact we did not eat the cookie or brownie while we were there; we took it home for later.

Cow Trough

Here are some of the types of cows they have there on the farm.

                                 Katy enjoying a cow

                                    Levi enjoying a cow

                                     Ice Cream Cow

                                    TV Cow

                                        Cow on a bike

                                The Real cows- Jersey

                                    The Alfred Clan, minus Dad

They also have a petting zoo there with lots of animals to see and feed. It may not be ice cream, but they sure loved it. Here's a photo of dad looking for his kids. 

There is also a miniature golf course there, rides for the kids, and a very nice restaurant. The gift shop is a nice place to visit but make sure you know where your kids are. 

                                       Honey, where are the kids? 

Once we were done looking at all of the animals and things to do we set out for the other reason we came; the cache. Since I don't want to post a picture of where it might be we'll just say watch out for the deer. The name of the cache is Goats and Cows. If you get a chance check it out sometime when you're in Ohio. 

After getting all cooled off at Young's we headed back towards home and a few more caches. We ended up with a fair number of caches that day even though it was extremely hot out. Just remember to drink lots of water and when it's really hot out go for the airconditioned ice cream store. You'll be glad you did. 


Erika Jean said...

MMMmmm I've been to Young's Jersey Dairy Farm plenty of times! TASTY place! Don't forget those light colored clothes and sunscreen on those hot hot days! ;-)


Super post and a great message! While you were enjoying yourself that Saturday, I was working my PT on the saute line at the restaurant! My digital thermometer (all chefs wear these in their chef's coat, lol)it read "116 degrees Fahrenheit"!One addition to your drink selection is Gatorade's "G2 - Preform" it keeps you hydrated and replaces needed electrolytes to keep going in extreme conditions.I worked five hours (we were very busy, everyone wanted to be in the air conditioning)and I drank one gallon and still felt pretty good.
Great post, great picks and a great way to start my Thursday. Thanks!

BigAl said...

Another drink I forgot is made by Weis and it is called 'Refresh'. It is their version of Vitamin Water, but it is a lot better and not as sweet. It also replaces your electrolytes. Great stuff, and it's usually only $1.00. Thanks for the reminder about the sun screen Erika. I don't know how I forgot that because we sure used a lot of it that week.

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